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Dr. Alpan Attends Local Invisalign Conference

braces orthodontistLAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Our goal is to provide patients with the latest in orthodontic techniques and the highest quality care, which means we have to stay up to date with skills and knowledge about the market.

Dr. David Alpan recently attended the 2012 Invisalign Ortho Summit conference in Las Vegas to learn about what Align Technology, the makers of the Invisalign system, has developed. He attended sessions and workshops Nov. 16-17 led by leaders in the Las Vegas orthodontics industry that focused on the latest in Invisalign news and technology.

This year, the summit featured topics like effectively treating open bites, deep bites and crossbites with Invisalign and using Vivera retainers for the retention phase of orthodontics to prevent relapse.

“Toward the end of the day on Saturday, there was a session done about the next generation of Invisalign teen that gave us an update about the latest in research and design,” says Dr. Alpan, who holds the highest designation Invisalign uses for its certified providers: Elite Preferred. “It’s exciting to hear how many new things technology is allowing us to do with Invisalign.”

The braces orthodontist in Las Vegas has been certified to use the system since 1999 and treated more than 1,000 patients with Invisalign.  Align Technology recruited him in 2001 to train other orthodontists and general dentists to use the system. During his time as a trainer, he taught more than 10,000 dentists and more than 1,000 orthodontists how to use Invisalign. Align Technology also asked him to lead study clubs for dentists and orthodontists who wanted more experience using the Invisalign system after their initial training. Dr. Alpan ended up being a consultant and an integral part of the clinical education department for Align Technology for more than six years before deciding to focus exclusively on his Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Las Vegas braces practice.

“The conference is also a great time to catch up with colleagues and discuss how we’re incorporating the latest improvements and techniques associated with Invisalign into our practices,” says Dr. Alpan, who is a TMD dentist and pediatric orthodontic provider. “I had a great time and learned a lot about what is coming soon with Invisalign.”

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Tips For People Wearing Braces This Halloween

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-Halloween and its sugary goodness is coming soon but we don’t want you to land yourself in the office because of a broken appliance, so Dr. David Alpan is helping you brush up on orthodontic health and what treats can be enjoyed without breaking brackets or wires.

“We’re well aware that the majority of kids-and be honest, adults too-will indulge in the trick or treating loot,” says Dr. Alpan, who is a Las Vegas braces provider. “We just want them to enjoy Halloween candy carefully and in moderation so they don’t damage braces or wind up with cavities.”

Broken appliances can throw off treatment schedules, meaning you’re wearing braces longer, or it can damage teeth causing the bull’s eye effect.

Here are some tips for celebrating Halloween without your mouth getting scary:

  • Come up with other ways to have fun that isn’t food-focused, like decorating your mouth with colorful ties or bands on metal braces.
  • Get a sweet deal by participating in a candy buy back event and swapping in the goodies for cash. These events usually donate candy to organizations like Operation Gratitude that include the candy care packages sent to people in the U.S. military and their families.
  • Unless you’re wearing removable aligners like Invisalign, you will have to modify how you eat certain kinds of candy. In many cases, there is no need to miss out. For instance, instead of eating a candied apple off the stick, you can slice the apple into thin pieces. Instead of biting off pieces of toffee, crush them up and sprinkle on pudding or ice cream. Switch from chewing on chunks of caramel to enjoying a creamy caramel sauce.
  • Chocolate is usually a safe bet for fixed braces wearers, as long as it doesn’t have nuts or hard caramel in it.
  • Consider trying new candy that doesn’t have hard, sticky ingredients. You might discover a new favorite.
  • Brush teeth as soon as possible after eating with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

“Sugar is bad for your teeth because it creates an environment conducive for cavity- and bad breath-causing bacteria that lead to tooth erosion and cavities,” says Dr. Alpan, a kids’ orthodontist who also offers orthodontics for adults. “So it is very important that you keep teeth clean otherwise you could wind up with cavities or white spots on teeth when the braces are removed.”

People with fixed braces need to brush their teeth for five minutes three times a day for healthier teeth, good breath, fewer cavities and to avoid painful dental problems.

It’s estimated that people spent $2.3 billion on Halloween candy last year,” says Dr. Alpan, a Las Vegas Invisalign expert. “If you’re going to eat any of the candy that will be purchased this year, just be sure to follow proper orthodontic health guidelines to stay healthy and avoid breaking appliances.”

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How To Stay On Schedule And Get Your Braces Off On Time

Las Vegas orthodontist on getting braces off

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-Your back-to-school shopping and preparations are underway, and we want to remind you to add properly caring for and protecting your orthodontic appliances to the to do list.

“It’s easy to get swept up in the hectic schedule of classes, homework and extracurricular activities, but our priority is helping you stick to your treatment plan and keep strong, healthy teeth while you’re wearing braces or aligners,” says Dr. David Alpan, an Orthodontist in Las Vegas.

These are some reminders of what to do as you head back to school:

  • Keep an extra case for your retainer or aligners in your bag or locker. The majority of retainers and aligners are lost because they were wrapped in a napkin and accidentally thrown away. Invisalign Teen, a very popular orthodontic treatment, has some big benefits, but they can also be drawbacks. The aligners are removable for eating, drinking and dental care. However, because they are clear and light, they can be overlooked in the rush to get to class on time and inadvertently thrown away.”One of the features of Invisalign Teen is that replacement aligners can be re-ordered if lost, but it takes time for them to come in and any time without the aligners means longer treatment time,” says Dr. Alpan, who is also a Los Angeles invisalign expert.
  • Put together an oral hygiene kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and wax for mid-day dental care. Having a toothbrush and floss means you won’t be tempted to use anything to pick food out of your teeth or around the brackets like the ones used for Incognito and Damon braces.
  • Watch what you’re eating and drinking. For snacks and lunches, stick with the foods that won’t get stuck in the cracks and crevices of your teeth and braces like banana slices, seedless grapes, canned fruit, applesauce and pudding cups, thinly chopped raw vegetables, soups, sandwiches or pasta. Avoid hard, sticky foods that can damage appliances, and you may consider skipping or minimizing sports or energy drinks, soda and sweet tea.”These beverages contain a lot of sugar and acid that creates an environment ripe with cavity- and bad breath-causing bacteria. For patients with fixed braces, these drinks can also lead to the dreaded bull’s eye effect when braces are taken off if dental hygiene is neglected,” says Dr. Alpan as a TMJ dentist in Las Vegas.
  • Make sure your mouthguard still fits properly and wear it during all contact sports to protect your teeth, gums, lips and cheeks from damage.

If you have an orthodontic emergency where you have lost or broken any part of your braces, please call (702) 784-0500 for the Las Vegas office or 213-513-7559 for the Los Angeles office, and we will fit you in as soon as possible.

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How To Prevent Unsightly White Spots On Your Teeth

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-The goal of orthodontic treatment is to give patients straight, healthy teeth, but patients who ignore dental hygiene are at risk of developing white spot lesions around the brackets of their orthodontic appliances.

“The development of white spots on teeth, sometimes referred to as the “bull’s-eye” effect, is very preventable when patients follow our guidelines for dental care during treatment,” says Dr. David Alpan, a Las Vegas orthodontics provider.

White spots are a result of prolonged plaque accumulation on the tooth’s surface, commonly due to inadequate oral hygiene. They are the earliest sign of a cavity and look like a chalky white spot on the surface of the tooth. People undergoing orthodontic treatment are at a higher risk of developing these unless they take steps to prevent them.

“The ways to prevent white spots is to be diligent about oral hygiene, reduce daily exposure to refined carbohydrates throughout the treatment period and regularly visit the dentist for professional cleanings,” says Dr. Alpan, an orthodontist providing braces for children and adults.

Eating carbohydrates or drinking sugary beverages such as sports drinks, coffee, alcohol and soda create an acid imbalance in the mouth that allows bacteria to attack the enamel of the teeth. Patients who are lax in their dental hygiene have an oral environment that is ripe for developing cavities as the bacterial plaque builds up on the enamel. The bacteria must be neutralized and removed promptly to stop this process, which is called demineralization. The fluoride in toothpaste helps the body to repair and strengthen the enamel and protect against cavities.

For patients with a high risk of dental caries, Dr. Alpan may recommend a special fluoride paste that creates a continuous, low-concentration presence of fluoride in saliva and plaque.

Since demineralization is more likely to happen with fixed-appliance braces, invisible braces options like Invisalign could be a more suitable treatment method for certain patients since the aligners can be removed for easier routine oral hygiene.

“White spots are avoidable as long as patients adhere to our dental hygiene recommendations. They can rest assured that they will have a beautiful straight smile when the braces come off,” says Dr. Alpan, who is also a Las Vegas TMJ dentist.

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Three (More) Ways Tobacco Is Ruining Your Health

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-If the long-term consequences of tobacco use on overall health haven’t convinced you to quit, consider the imminent dangers tobacco causes your pearly whites and how it could jeopardize the investment you made in orthodontics.

Dr. David Alpan, who provides Las Vegas invisible braces, is joining with the World Health Organization’s Tobacco Free Initiative and drawing attention to the oral and orthodontic side effects of tobacco use.

“There’s no denying that tobacco products are deadly, but many people don’t realize how much they impact oral health and the effectiveness of orthodontics,” he says.

World No Tobacco Day is an annual event held on May 31 with the mission to raise awareness and reduce the number of tobacco-related diseases and deaths around the world, which is the leading preventable cause of death. More than 5 million people died last year from some sort of tobacco-related illness, such as heart attack, stroke, cancer or lung ailment, among many others. Continue reading Three (More) Ways Tobacco Is Ruining Your Health

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Get All The Benefits of Invisible Braces Even Faster With Invisalign Express

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Aesthetic Orthodontics is offering a new line of invisible braces from Align Technology that treats patients with minor orthodontic problems even faster than before: Invisalign Express 5.

“This new, faster, less expensive orthodontic treatment method lets people who have very minor orthodontic imperfections straighten their teeth in three months or less,” said Dr. Alpan, a Las Vegas orthodontist.

Aesthetic Orthodontics was among the first orthodontic practices to add the product, which Align Technology released on Jan. 30 to Invisalign doctors in North America. Dr. Alpan has offered the original Invisalign since 1999.

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What’s Keeping You Up At Night?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Dr. David Alpan and Aesthetic Orthodontics used National Sleep Awareness Week to shed light on a common orthodontic problem that often leads to sleep disturbances.

NSAW is an annual public education and awareness campaign, taking place this year on March 5-11, to promote the importance of sleep. Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders, a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and muscles that control jaw movement, are major contributors to sleep loss.

“As anyone who has ever experienced temporary or prolonged sleep loss can attest, not getting sufficient or quality rest can impact every aspect of life,” says Dr. Alpan, who is an orthodontic treatment and braces provider in Las Vegas, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

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Get Straighter Teeth By Prom With Invisalign Teen

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-Dr. David Alpan, a Las Vegas orthodontist at Aesthetic Orthodontics, says that teens who are interested in straightening their teeth can get results before the big events near the end of the school year, such as prom or graduation.

Invisalign Teen is a treatment method that is ideal for patients who want the beautiful smile without the traditional metal brackets and wires,” says Dr. Alpan, who has offered this treatment since 2008.

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Learn How Orthodontics Can Help Protect You from Heart Disease

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – What does February’s American Heart Month have to do with an orthodontics expert’s practice in Los Angeles? It seems like the two are completely unrelated, but orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan explains how oral health is linked to cardiovascular health.
“Any time we can, we raise awareness about diseases and educate people about how to prevent them,” says Dr. Alpan. “I see thousands of patients, both pediatric and adult, so I use my regular contact with patients to pass along important health information.”
While gum disease, a chronic inflammatory disease that destroys bone and gum tissues that support the teeth, does not necessarily cause cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death in the U.S., researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease.

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Get Hidden Braces From The Best In The City

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Knowing which Las Vegas kids orthodontist to get that dream smile from does not have to be complicated. Why not go with the best?
Dr. David Alpan of Aesthetic Orthodontics is the Incognito Elite Premier Provider for not only Las Vegas but Los Angeles and Beverly Hills too.

“Incognito Hidden Braces have a unique design and completely customized fit,” says Dr. Alpan, an adult and children’s orthodontist. “Each patient is unique so we make each orthodontic bracket unique too.”
Continue reading Get Hidden Braces From The Best In The City