Acceledent Optima is the latest innovation from Ortho Accel, the worlds’ leader in accelerated orthodontics.  Dr. Alpan started accelerated orthodontics in his practice in 2012 and our patients have been thanking us ever since.  Who doesn’t want to finish their orthodontic treatment faster with less pain and discomfort?  This new and improved device helps accelerate orthodontic tooth movement with a smaller frame and a more potent vibration.  Our clinical findings, when used daily for 20 minutes, can reduce treatment time, reduce sensitivity and increase predictability.  Reduction in overall treatment time varies based on usage and compliance with Dr. Alpans instructions.  Studies have shown treatment time can be reduced as much as 50%, but we have consistently seen 35% reduction in treatment time.

The newest features of Optima vs. Aura is a dramatic improvement, with reduction in size and additional tools for tracking.  Optima uses state of the art technology called SoftPulse Technology® which generates vibrations called micropulses that safely accelerate tooth movement.  Alpan Orthodontics is excited to be offering one of the most advanced acceleration products on the market today. Dr. Alpan is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Ortho Accel and was invited to lecture internationally on utilization, implementation and optimal use of Acceledent to orthodontists. Dr. Alpan teaches other doctors all over the world how to incorporate acceleration into their practice.

The Acceledent Optima is a light, hands free device that has been clinically proven to help ease the soreness of orthodontic adjustments and helps with aligner seating.  Optima is supported and managed through an App on your i-phone.  When used properly optima can track the compliance and be an interface with our office.

Optima is now water proof & can be used while you are in the shower allowing your acceleration treatment to be virtually anywhere.  Our primary goal is to achieve your smile correction with an orthodontic experience, which is faster and more comfortable than expected.  We also provide a convenient carrying case for the optima device, which allows wireless charging in the case. We also provide a charger and a bag made to travel with your device. Call our office today to schedule a no charge initial consultation to discus how we can achieve the smile of your dreams faster with less pain than ever before.