Going to Dr. Alpan for invisalign treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve made. From the first appointment to the last, I’ve always been treated with the greatest care and professionalism. Everyone at the office is always so warm and available to answer my questions and concerns. Most people were not aware that I had invisalign and the change is enormous. The payment plan also made invisalign affordable. Thank you for making this such a smooth and painless process.

Alma Saraci

I first had braces when I was in the 6th grade. I wasn’t happy with my orthodontist, and six years after having them put on I had them removed despite the fact that I wasn’t happy with the results. A procedure that was supposed to take two years lasted six years with bad results. As a result of the poor orthodontic treatment, I ended up with a lot of other dental issues. After I finished college, I was still interested in improving my smile so I decided to look into alternatives to braces. I finally settled on Invisalign. After meeting with several doctors, I selected Dr. Alpan. My experience during the past year has been wonderful – great staff, quick appointments, little discomfort and the treatment time estimated was exactly right – one year! Needless to say, I am very pleased with the Invisalign treatment and will recommend Dr. Alpan to everyone needing orthodontic treatment.

Vanessa Motley

I want to thank all of the people in the office for the great job you have done. I really appreciate it. The pictures you showed me today of how I looked before treatment began brought back many memories. I can’t stop laughing when I see the old picture compared to how I look now after treatment has been completed.

I’m at a loss for words to thank Dr. Alpan and the nurses for the time you took to take care of me. I know I’m one of those patients with “stubborn” teeth, but you were still able to take good care of me. You have given me new confidence. I can smile wide now without feeling ashamed.

“My wife is coming from Africa soon and when she arrives I’m going to make sure she gets here to straighten her teeth also. I can’t thank you enough for your fine work. May God Bless.

Yaw Asante

My experience with Invisalign has been a good one. I was undecided about getting braces at my age. Very few people noticed I was have treatment to straighten my teeth. I appreciate the staff at Aesthetic Orthodontics. They handled me very gently.

Sherida Muulings

Invisalign treatment was a very positive experience for me. Everything went smoothly and quicker than I thought. Invisalign is amazing and I recommend it to everyone who thinks about braces. I enjoy being a part of new technologies and feel privileged to have participated.

Joshua D. Cohen

I truly appreciate your professionalism and care during these three years. Thank you for helping me smile again with confidence.

Karla Levine

My overall experience of wearing braces has been a pleasant one. Dr. Alpan convinced me to pull my bicuspids, which improved my profile.

Stacey Pitt

Everyone at Aesthetic Orthodontics has been very courteous and professional. During the past two years, I don’t remember a single bad experience. I appreciate the care that Dr. Alpan has given me and will continue to give to my two daughters who have just recently got their braces. I look forward to another two years with you. I truly can not thank you enough for giving me the smile that I’ve always wanted.

Lauren Flower

I would like to state that my experience here with Dr. Alpan and his fine, friendly staff has been no less than extraordinary. I highly recommend them to one and all.

Victor Mungvia

…Thank you for the song, the gift, and the happiness that you brought me today upon removing my braces. I hope I will see you again and always remember that you are my best friends and may God bless you and your families. Love,

Jose Calderon

Today, I came back to see Doctor David for the last visit after six months. Even though I live in VA, I’m still very happy to see doctor and his staff. With me Doctor David is one of a kind. He is very young, talented, and kind, especially, he treats his staff best.

Thai Tran

The team at Aesthetic Orthodontics made getting braces a breeze. Dr. Alpan and his team’s attention to detail made me know that my teeth were in great hands. Thank you to everyone at Aesthetic Orthodontics. P.S. If anyone asks me for an orthodontic referral, only one name will come to mind…Aesthetic Orthodontics.

Mark Valenzuela

I always used to be embarrassed of my crooked teeth, so I never smiled. I’m looking forward to being able to give everyone I meet a big smile. Dr. Alpan and his staff have been great. I’d like to thank them fro being so accommodating to my schedule. Thank you!!!

Danielle Barrios

The staff is EXCELLENT!! They are very, very welcoming. I hate to have to depart. They are good people from when you walk in until you leave. Doctor Alpan is very thorough.

Reginald Jolley

This experience with braces was much easier than I thought it would be, especially considering my age. I’m sure this was in part due to the very competent and pleasant staff, which made my regular visits non-stressful. I am so pleased with the results, and I appreciate all the work and expertise. This means so much to me after having crooked teeth for most of my life. You guys are the greatest. Thank you so much.

Adrienne Jamison

At the beginning, I hated having braces, but having gone through the process I’m happy I got braces. I’m more confident about my smile, and I thank Dr. David Alpan and his wonderful team. If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have a nice smile and feel much better about myself. Thank you very much!!

Ruth Navarrete

I’ve had my braces for about three years. There were times when I thought I should not have gotten braces because of some pain or discomfort. Now I’m glad I got braces. I had an overbite that hurt my jaw and now my jaw is just fine. Thanks to the braces, Dr. Alpan and his staff, I will finally have a nice smile. All I can say is the time, pain and everything else that comes with having/getting braces is worth it!

Susanna Garcia

My experience of having braces has been good, in the way that it has made my smile great. The staff is very good and knows how to treat the patients with care. Not only have they been careful, but they have been very nice and attentive. I want to thank the whole staff for helping me throughout this big experience. You guys rock!

Tanya De Leon

I like my new smile. I am thankful to my Mom for paying for my braces. I like the doctors.

Michael Reyes

…Having her braces Anna was able to smile. Before, she was embarrassed to do so. Everybody at Aesthetic Orthodontics was really nice to her and the service was excellent. Now she is going for Phase II.

Anna Rodriquez

I’m very happy with the results of my son’s Phase I treatment, which took only one year. The team has been so patient and helpful with all of my son’s and my own inquiries and special requests. I remember the time that the team just put on his appliances and a week later he had to sing in a school event. The team did not hesitate to remove the appliances and then put them back again. The team’s dedication and never-ending help in accommodating each patient’s special needs really made my son’s treatment easy and worthwhile.

Franco Lavares

Thank you Dr. David Alpan for your excellent work and great team you have developed through the years. I can’t be happier this year – 2008 – with the great gift you have given me – a great smile.

Edith Gutierrez

I’m really happy with the results. The team at Aesthetic Orthodontics was very helpful throughout the process. Thank you for giving me a better smile. I feel great about myself.

Amor E. Tellez

I am very pleased with the results and the treatment was done in an efficient manner. I will recommend Dr. Alpan to others. Thanks for all your hard work!

Alison Hyon

Thanks for the memories! I appreciate the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Alpan. I have already persuaded a friend to get braces at Aesthetic Orthodontics, and I’ll be referring many more. You all ROCK!

Dierdre R. Harris

I had spaces in between my teeth and a very embarrassing overbite and my small teeth made the flaws more noticeable. After 20 months on braces, I was very pleased with the results. The entire staff and especially Christina have been very nice. Dr. Alpan is such a wonderful doctor and he took his time to explain every step of the procedure to me. He treats his patients with the utmost respect and has a pleasant countenance. Thank you Adel, Christina, the entire staff and Dr. Alpan.

Barbeth Essi

Wow! I just told Dr. Alpan that I should be his new poster model. My teeth look gorgeous. They are better than I ever thought they could be when I first started. I can’t believe my treatment is over alreacy – so easy. I’m happy I did it.

Kirsha Eggers

Dr. Alpan treated my son and daughter. He is the most wonderful, skillful man. He and his staff were so nice and made us feel at home. I recommend everyone to Dr. Alpan and guarantee they will be happy with his services.

Helen Bekhit and Nicole Bekhit

I have been Dr. Alpan’s patient, undergoing orthodontic treatment with Lingual braces or iBraces, for the past twelve months. From my initial consultation, Aesthetic Orthodontics has impressed me collectively and individually with many of the elements of their care. This group of health practitioners consistently and simultaneously conducts the business of orthodontics while caring for its patients individually with professional deportment and human compassion.

As a full time student, who will start medical school in the fall, scheduling my appointments into a hectic calendar has been a challenge. However, Claudia, one of the front office receptionists, has consistently been patient and helpful. She has allowed me to come in unscheduled for orthodontic emergencies and has transferred my appointment to one of Dr. Alpan’s other offices so that it is more convenient for me.

Lupe, Dr. Alpan’s supervising chairside assistant, has worked with me closely throughout my treatment. She is one of the most remarkable members of this cohesive team. Although Lupe has worked in orthodontics for many years, she still exudes unparalleled energy and enthusiasm for each patient’s progress. She has listened intently to my concerns, returns messages of concern, all while maintaining the myriad of staff buzzing around her.

Dr. Alpan’s authenticity in patient care is not only evident in the function and form of his practice, but is also maintained in his character. He sustains his team with an air of confident expectancy of receiving optimum effort and honesty from both his staff and patients. He is meticulous in character and labors with a calm assurance that is affirmed in the respect he receives from those who work with him. Yet, Dr. Alpan still maintains an air of accessibility that allows his team to ask questions and learn from his training and experience and his patients to relax and trust him with their orthodontic care.

My treatment will be completed within the next few months, and I am extremely excited about my new smile. My treatment with Dr. Alpan and his team has been enjoyable, affordable, and altogether one of the best investments I have made in myself, next to the cost of my education. The group of individuals at Aesthetic Orthodontics is in the business of yielding confidence in patients through repairing and creating beautiful smiles. They have definitely succeeded in doing just that with me.

Toni Ognibene