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What You Should Know About Crooked Teeth

woman-with-straight-smileMalocclusion is a technical term that describes crooked teeth, and is the reason why many patients undergo orthodontic treatment. If one or more of your teeth aren’t aligned perfectly, than you may already realized the effect that misaligned teeth can have on the appearance of your smile. However, image isn’t all that crooked teeth affect. Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr. Alpan, warns that the orientation of your teeth also influences how well your mouth works and how effective your hygiene routine is. Continue reading What You Should Know About Crooked Teeth

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Beverly Hills Orthodontist’s Malocclusion Quiz

shiny-quiz-button-300x300Other than the fact that crooked teeth can diminish a smile’s visual appeal, how much do you know about malocclusion? Many patients who seek orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth are motivated by cosmetic reasons and wish to improve their confidence in their smiles. However, those who decide that crooked teeth don’t look so bad, and therefore ignore correcting them, do a great disservice to their long-term oral health. Your Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, presents important information about crooked teeth in the form of a fun and enlightening quiz.

What Do You Know About Crooked Teeth?

1.) What’s the most effective method for straightening crooked teeth?

a.) Braces                                                            c.) Dental bonding

b.) Porcelain veneers                                     d.) Improved dental hygiene Continue reading Beverly Hills Orthodontist’s Malocclusion Quiz