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What are Damon System Braces?

Damon System self ligating braces are the future in orthodontics. Regular or standard braces (metal braces, gold braces, lingual braces, hidden braces or invisible Incognito Braces) require elastics to hold arch wires in place. Elastics are like bungee cords, which cause friction and pressure, making treatment slower and less comfortable. Damon System self-ligating braces (no elastic ties to hold the arch wire in place) are smaller, more comfortable to the lips and cheek, and use a slide mechanism that eliminates the friction. Teeth move faster and require fewer adjustments, less visits, shorter appointment times, and shorter total treatment time. All our patients love their broad wide new smile after they complete Damon treatment.

Insignia_Clearguide_Express_Suzie_4Damon System braces align teeth and enhance facial esthetics (expanded smile width, improved profile and a more youthful look) usually without extractions, and without rapid palate expanders, which are uncomfortable and painful. We call this the BRACELIFT FACELIFT effect (check out Bracelift Facelift article to explain more). All our adult patients love the increased support from their expanded smile; the softening of the lines around the mouth is comparable to Botox or a facelift.

Can My Family Dentist Provide Damon Braces?

Yes your family dentist may be able to offer you orthodontics and some may be able to offer you Damon braces, but they are not orthodontic specialists called Orthodontists. Your family general dentist is licensed to offer all services in dentistry, but they are not trained to be specialists. Dentists are subject to practicing at the same standard of care as a specialist, if they choose to offer specialty services.

Specialist and Generalist are not created equally. Your general dentist may have taken D3_Boy_GirlNewsome additional weekend training seminars and offer orthodontics, but they are not allowed to call themselves Orthodontists. The two years of additional training prepares the Orthodontist to handle any situation, which earns the additional title of “Orthodontist.” A weekend course does not provide the same qualifications and training as a two year accredited specialty training program. So dentists offer orthodontics, but are not orthodontists. Ask your dentists questions about their qualifications and training to offer orthodontics.

Why Does Dr. Alpan Provide the Damon System?

DQ_Bracket_Wire-Alpan-OrthoDamon System Braces are a self-ligating bracket which holds the wire by a mechanical door. This self ligation offers a unique biocompatible approach to orthodontics. Utilizing light biologic forces applied by wires, the Damon system moves teeth in a more efficient and ideal manner. The lower forces allow the body to adapt quicker, easier and with less sensitivity. The goal is not to overpower the system, but to work within the bio-force system that is most compatible to the body. Our Damon patients always get surprised and tell us, “just how painless the process really is.” Everyone loves pain free orthodontics.

DClear-Bracket-Alpan-OrthoUtilizing physiologic research to our process allows us to mold and contour the mouth into a beautiful and full smile. We usually see this achieved with fewer appointments and less treatment time then other orthodontic systems. When time is our most precious commodity each appointment saved is time for you to spend with your family or at work. The least amount of time you have to sacrifice out of your personal life the better.

The team at AO are so excited with the results of the Damon System we have stopped using fixed expanders. The results we would normally see with the use of an expander are apparent with the Damon System within 6-8 months. Many of our surgery patients who requested surgically assisted expansion had similar results to our Damon patients who did not have surgery.

The Damon System comes in different looks: Damon Clears are the least visible clear bracket. Damon Q’s are the all metal smallest self ligating bracket on the market.


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