Cost of Braces

Orthodontic-TreatmentThis is one of the most common questions. Everyone who has received a free orthodontic consultation with Dr. Alpan at our Los Angeles office has always been able to afford Dr. Alpan to treat them without exception. We make it our mission to offer high quality affordable low cost orthodontic treatment. There are many ways to achieve our goal with low cost braces or with the most cutting edge technology. Cost for braces can vary widely depending on the material used. Metal braces are usually our lowest cost treatment option and lingual or hidden incognito braces are the most expensive. There are treatment options that are best for everyone, we just need to figure out which one is best for you or your child.

firmhandshakeThe total cost of braces depends upon the complexity of the orthodontic problem, so it varies from person to person. Usually longer treatment costs more and shorter treatment costs less. Since, the material used to make orthodontic appliances varies from plastic to gold, so does the price. With the advent of technology and digital 3D imaging the cost to make custom braces incognito or Invisalign aligners has increased dramatically in comparison to the traditional metal braces. The choices our patients are dealing with are cost of treatment, the time of treatment and the way it looks along the way. When making the decision about the best treatment option considering those three issues can change the price of treatment. Typically the treatment option which is the least noticeable is usually higher in cost. The treatment options which are more visible, like metal braces, are the lowest cost option. Please schedule a free initial consultation to discuss all these options.

Because our modern materials and techniques often require fewer visits, you might be surprised how affordable your orthodontic treatment can be. A healthy, beautiful smile is one of the best investments you can make in your future or in that of your child’s. We offer a variety of payment methods in our effort to help you fit this worthy investment into your budget:

  • In-house, interest-free financing, an appropriate down payment and the remaining balance paid over the period of treatment.
  • In-house, interest free financing with no down payment, but higher monthly payments, paid over the period of treatment.
  • Outside financing that offers a low down payment or even no down payment, with low monthly fees paid throughout the course of treatment.
  • Discounts for paying for treatment in full.
  • We accept all major credit cards for automatic credit card payments.
  • Most major insurance plans. We will complete the necessary paperwork for you.
  • Medi-Cal patients are examined. Medi-Cal decides for whom they will pay.
  • Lay away plans for people who are not ready currently, but would be in 6 months or a year

Dollar-SignDuring your initial free consultation with Dr. Alpan our treatment coordinator will go over all of the financial options available to you. She also will help you customize a payment plan that fits your specific needs. We pride ourselves in catering to all people’s budget. AO offers low cost braces and low cost Invisalign, please complete an appointment request, call and schedule your free consultation.