Inconspicuous Smile Correction with Incognito

inconcorrectionEveryone wants a beautiful smile, but few people look forward to wearing metal braces. While traditional orthodontics can correct misalignment, they can leave our adult patients feeling self-conscious about their smiles. With lingual braces, your Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, offers practically invisible smile correction.

Braces Behind the Teeth
How do lingual braces work? First, Dr. Alpan will examine your teeth to decide whether Incognito is the best choice for correcting your smile. After undergoing a free initial consultation, a 3D visual treatment plan will be created so Dr. Alpan can walk you through the treatment process. Dr. Alpan has years of knowledge and experience with a variety of lingual orthodontic systems, including Incognito Hidden Braces. Each bracket will be custom-made, along with specially crafted arch wires. The brackets will be attached to the tongue-facing side of the teeth. The length of your treatment will depend on the severity of your misalignment.

Incognito Hidden Braces

The Incognito system offers a host of benefits over traditional systems. First, patients enjoy the inconspicuous nature of the Incognito system. With braces on the backside of the teeth, no one needs to know you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment except you and Dr. Alpan. Lingual braces also make eating easier, reducing the chances of food becoming stuck or damaging your orthodontics. Patients also enjoy the fact that lingual braces don’t inhibit speech or cause as much discomfort as traditional orthodontics. Other benefits of Incognito Hidden Braces include a faster treatment time, which some patients in as little as a few months. The Incognito system also offers smaller brackets and wires than other lingual orthodontics. To learn more about Incognito and our other orthodontic treatments, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Alpan.

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