How long will I be in treatment?

There are a number of factors that determine how long you will wear Damon System braces. With the Damon System, treatment is faster, easier and more comfortable for the patient all the time. You will require fewer office visits, less time per visit, and an overall shorter treatment time. Dr. Alpan may even be able to prevent the need to remove teeth with the Damon System.

Damon System braces are used to straighten your teeth gradually, not overnight, so a little patience is needed. Just remember, any discomfort you may feel will be brief. Because no elastics are used to hold the arch wire in the Damon brackets, there is less friction making teeth move faster with less discomfort. In some patients, the Damon System can also prevent extractions (tooth removal) and the pain experienced with Rapid Palatal Expansion appliances or even jaw surgery.

Please remember that your beautiful, healthy smile will last a lifetime after Dr. Alpan straightens your teeth as long as you wear your retainer.