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Understanding Good Hygiene with Braces

brushing-teeth-with-bracesWith today’s impressive array of technological and dental advancements, there are few oral health issues that cannot be effectively corrected with the appropriate treatment. Nevertheless, given the extent of damage that unchecked dental diseases can cause, prevention remains the most effective method for preserving your smile, especially since teeth can’t repair themselves when compromised. Practicing good hygiene at home is the cornerstone of excellent dental health, but without regular professional care and maintenance, your toothbrush and floss may fall short of protecting your smile from dental diseases. Patients with misaligned teeth, or who wear braces to correct malocclusion, are especially at risk for dental issues, which stem from plaque that can hide between braces and the odd crevices created by crooked teeth. As Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, warns his patients, good hygiene while wearing braces is a vital part of successful orthodontic treatment. Continue reading Understanding Good Hygiene with Braces

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L.A. Orthodontist—Healthy School Lunches for Children with Braces

school-lunch-tupperwarePlanning your children’s school lunches can be challenging alone, but if one or more of your children wear braces, then the challenge can be a bit more demanding. Aside from feeding your kids the minerals and nutrients they need, you also have to take into consideration the challenges they face when eating with braces. Your dedicated Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, helps take the stress out of school-lunch planning by offering a few tips on what to pack.

What to Steer Clear Of…

Foods that can stick to or damage your child’s braces should be avoided, such as;