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L.A. Orthodontist—Healthy School Lunches for Children with Braces

school-lunch-tupperwarePlanning your children’s school lunches can be challenging alone, but if one or more of your children wear braces, then the challenge can be a bit more demanding. Aside from feeding your kids the minerals and nutrients they need, you also have to take into consideration the challenges they face when eating with braces. Your dedicated Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, helps take the stress out of school-lunch planning by offering a few tips on what to pack.

What to Steer Clear Of…

Foods that can stick to or damage your child’s braces should be avoided, such as;

  • Soft, chewy, and sticky candy that can adhere to brackets and wires
  • Cakes, cookies, brownies, or other sugar-loaded treats (sugar facilitates bacterial acid production and tooth decay)
  • Nuts, hard candy, and popcorn
  • Sodas, fruit juices, and similarly high-acid beverages

Foods that Strengthen Teeth with Braces

To stay strong and healthy, your children’s teeth need a steady supply of calcium, phosphate, vitamin D, and other minerals and nutrients, which can be found in foods like;

  • Chicken, turkey, and beef, especially in lunch-meat form, which is easier on your child’s braces.
  • Milk, sugar-free yogurt, and other dairy products
  • Fruits like bananas and peeled-apples

Post-Tightening Lunches

Immediately after your child’s braces tightening appointments, his/her teeth may be especially sensitive. Sandwiches and other normally acceptable foods that require a lot of chewing should be avoided for the next day or two. Foods that require minimal chewing and discomfort include;

  • Soup
  • Pasta
  • Pudding

Plan Ahead for Braces-Friendly Lunches

Though challenging, packing a lunch that agrees with your children’s braces and smiles is less difficult when you plan ahead. For more suggestions, or to plan your child’s next orthodontic visit, schedule an appointment with your Los Angeles orthodontist by calling (213) 382-8228 today for a free initial consultation. Located in the 90057 area, Aesthetic Orthodontics follows a long family tradition of enhancing your family’s smiles, and we proudly serve patients across Los Angeles and all surrounding communities.  For your convenience, we also have orthodontic offices in Beverly Hills in and Las Vegas.