LightForce is a fully custom bracket that can offer more benefits then traditional metal or clear braces.  Not only does it look cooler, like it was made by Apple computers, but it works a lot better because the brackets are programmed with the end in mind. The final result is set up in the 3D virtual world first & then the brackets are custom made to contour each tooth specific anatomy, which leads to a better fit and more evenly distributed forces to the tooth. The brackets are fully custom printed & set up on a placement jig for maximum accuracy. This leads to less visits, less pain and overall shorter treatment time.

We are so proud to offer our patients the world’s first & only fully-customized, 3D-printed brackets. Conceptualized during the Boston blizzard of 2015, LightForce was created to make the experience for the patients and doctor easier, faster, and create less pain and discomfort then traditional braces. The company was founded by Alfred Griffin III, who hypothesized that 3D printing technology and advanced digital treatment planning capabilities could be united to create a 100% customized prescription for each patient.

After extensive research & design, Dr. Griffin patented a system for 3D printing custom-designed brackets based on the anatomy and tooth shape for each patient.  The LightForce technology utilizes material virtually identical to familiar injection molded ceramic brackets, but specially formulated for 3D printing. The system provides the precision & strength required for orthodontic appliances and you can still use color ties to decorate.

Even with all the research involved, we are still charging our patients the same fee as traditional braces but have noticed reduced treatment time and number of visits to the office.  All broken brackets can be repaired with infinitely more control than in the past due to the placement jigs that allow us to accurately and precisely place the custom bracket on the teeth as planned in the 3D planning software controlled by Dr. Alpan. Today LightForce is headquartered in the Cambridge area of Boston and received FDA clearance in 2019 and the complete system was officially launched at the 2019 AAO Annual Session in Los Angeles CA.

At Alpan Orthodontics we offer a free exam to evaluate if Light force is right for you. Please call our office to schedule a free no charge initial consultation with a smile simulation.