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Get Straighter Teeth By Prom With Invisalign Teen

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA-Dr. David Alpan, a Las Vegas orthodontist at Aesthetic Orthodontics, says that teens who are interested in straightening their teeth can get results before the big events near the end of the school year, such as prom or graduation.

Invisalign Teen is a treatment method that is ideal for patients who want the beautiful smile without the traditional metal brackets and wires,” says Dr. Alpan, who has offered this treatment since 2008.

The Invisalign system uses a series of custom-made, removable aligners to move teeth into the proper positions. This version of the nearly invisible braces feature a wear indicator on one of the back molars, a blue dot that fades when the aligner is worn as prescribed.

“The reason Invisalign works well for teens is that it gets results fast, usually within the first few months, and when their big event comes around there won’t be any appliances that indicate orthodontic treatment,” says Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles kids orthodontist.

Length of treatment time varies from case to case, but patients undergo treatment for an average of one year. With Invisalign there are usually fewer office visits than other orthodontics plans, and patients can keep treatment time as short as possible by wearing aligners exactly like the orthodontist directed.

“Keeping up with oral hygiene is also much easier during orthodontic treatment with Invisalign Teen since there are no brackets, bands or wires to work around,” says Dr. Alpan, who provides braces for children, as well as adult orthodontics.

Teeth that are not in proper alignment can create abnormal wear patterns over time and cause pain in jaw joints and the supporting bone. Invisalign corrects these malocclusions to create a healthier, mechanically sound bite.

“There is still time to realize straighter teeth and more self-confidence before the big events full of photo opportunities this spring,” he says. “Invisalign Teen is just one of our popular, effective and affordable treatment methods.”