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Get Hidden Braces From The Best In The City

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Knowing which Las Vegas kids orthodontist to get that dream smile from does not have to be complicated. Why not go with the best?
Dr. David Alpan of Aesthetic Orthodontics is the Incognito Elite Premier Provider for not only Las Vegas but Los Angeles and Beverly Hills too.

“Incognito Hidden Braces have a unique design and completely customized fit,” says Dr. Alpan, an adult and children’s orthodontist. “Each patient is unique so we make each orthodontic bracket unique too.”

Dr. Alpan has been providing lingual braces, which are hidden on the back surface of the tooth, since 1998. When Incognito came out as the latest and greatest technology for lingual braces, he added them to his treatment methods and quickly became the premier provider, a certification he has held ever since.

“Incognito has a lot of benefits. It’s faster. It’s easier. And it creates less sensitivity than previous versions of lingual braces,” says Dr. Alpan, who is also an elite preferred provider for Invisalign and an Invisalign Teen provider.

Incognito braces are contoured for the lingual surface of the teeth for optimal comfort and performance. This system utilizes robotic technology to design and bend the wires so they move teeth most efficiently and effectively.

“This system provides the same or even better results than regular braces, without a smile full of metal,” says Dr. Alpan, a Damon Clear braces specialist.
According to Incognito, more than 101,000 patients worldwide have been treated with Incognito Orthodontic Braces.  They are currently the only 100 percent customizable brackets on the market. Because all of the work is being done behind the teeth, they are often chosen by adults who would have never considered braces before and patients who are self-conscious about feeling and looking awkward during orthodontic treatment.

“I’ve always loved seeing how giving people beautiful smiles can boost their self-confidence and change their lives,” says Dr. Alpan. “Incognito has proved to be the key to success for many, many of my patients.”