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Faster Results, Less Discomfort, Discrete Options With Damon Braces

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -These days people of all ages are getting braces in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
At Aesthetic Orthodontics, many of them are choosing an option that treats faster and with less discomfort, according to Dr. David Alpan, a Los Angeles invisible braces provider.

That non-traditional option is the Damon System. These braces are a popular option because unlike braces that use elastic ties to keep archwires in place on the bracket, Damon uses a self-ligating bracket that does not require them.
“The system employs a slide apparatus which permits the archwire to be adjusted freely, allowing teeth to shift into position faster with fewer changes,” says Dr. Alpan, an orthodontist in practice since 1996.

Regular braces, including metal braces, gold braces, lingual braces, hidden braces or invisible custom-made Incognito Braces, require elastics that act like bungee cords, causing friction and pressure that makes treatment slower and often causes soreness, discomfort and pain. Because the Damon System self-ligating braces do not need elastic ties the brackets themselves are smaller, which causes less irritation to the lips, tongue and cheeks.

“With Damon, teeth move faster and require fewer, shorter appointment times,” says Dr. Alpan, who is an Elite Damon Premier Provider for Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

Length of treatment using Damon is typically shorter, sometimes by as much as six months. (http://damonbraces.com/choose/how-long.php) The archwire in the Damon System is made out of unique memory shape technology. The archwire is designed to revert to its original shape once installed in the brackets. The steady, gentle force is carefully monitored by the orthodontist who moves teeth into the optimal arch.

The Damon System also has an invisible option: Damon Clear braces. It uses the same tieless bracket but the braces are clear. See if you can tell who is wearing braces in this picture on the Damon Braces website, challenges Dr. Alpan, a pediatric orthodontic provider. You can barely tell they are there.

“These are perfect for a patient who wants a discrete option for orthodontics or for patients that aren’t good candidates for Invisalign,” says Dr. Alpan, a TMD dentist. “Also, they are constantly in position, aligning your teeth 24 hours a day to generate your new smile.”

One important note about Damon System braces is that while it does align teeth, it also enhances facial aesthetics typically without extractions or rapid palate expanders, which are uncomfortable and painful.

“By enhancing the alignment and widening the arch of the teeth, orthodontic treatment can create better facial balance and aesthetics, lending the appearance of fuller cheeks and lips, smoother and higher cheek contours, and broader smiles, as well as compensate for the inevitable loss of facial muscle over time”, writes Dr. Thomas Pitts in an article from Life After 50.

The expanded facial width and improved profile often lends a more youthful look, which has some dentists calling Damon the “bracelift facelift.” Many adults are coming back to get orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth for this very reason. People can check out the personal experience of Bethany Hamilton, who is a pro sufer, and survived a shark attack. She talks about being an adult undergoing treatment with Damon.
“I haven’t had a patient yet who was disappointed with the results of their orthodontic treatment with Damon,” says Dr. Alpan, who also provides braces for children.