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Las Vegas Pediatric Orthodontics Expert Says Treatment May Be Needed Early for Children

LAS VEGAS, NV – Dr. David Alpan, a Las Vegas pediatric orthodontics expert, says there are times parents should seek treatment for children who are 7 or under, even though some may think braces are only for teens and older. He said it is wise to seek help if your child has difficulty chewing, open mouth breathing, problems with speech, teeth grinding, experiences jaws that pop or click, thumb or finger sucking habits, has erupted permanent teeth that are crowded or overlap, or is biting the cheek or into the roof of the mouth. Another sign to watch for is any type of obvious, abnormal bite development.

Orthodontic treatment is a good choice any time you or your child determine that you are unhappy with a smile or facial profile,” says Alpan, whose Las Vegas orthodontics office has helped many children of a young age. “If you are not sure if treatment is called for or not, ask others you trust for an honest opinion.”
The idea that only teens need braces should not result in younger children being overlooked, he says. Adults may benefit as well. The Las Vegas invisible braces provider says the solution for many in later years may be braces no one can see, but options are available for all age groups. “Children and adults of all ages may be helped by orthodontic treatment,” he says.

“Sometimes early evaluation may catch developmental problems early in children, and treatment could possibly correct a bite problem that wasn’t addressed during younger years.”

The American Association of Orthodontists says that to ensure the best overall facial and dental development, an orthodontic consultation is in order for children by the time they reach age 7. The evaluation is typically just for observation, he says, and the practice can monitor progress at no charge.

Alpan, a Las Vegas braces expert, is the founder of Aesthetic Orthodontics. A 1996 graduate of the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, Alpan received a master’s degree after an extensive research study on TMJ treatment. The staff at Aesthetics Orthodontics, a Las Vegas Invisalign provider, is committed to treating patients with respect and caring.

The environment at Aesthetic Orthodontics is relaxed and friendly, and the patient’s comfort is the team’s first priority. The practice website (https://alpanortho.com.s196361.gridserver.com) links to more information about braces, and decisions made regarding earlier treatment.

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