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Las Vegas Invisalign Pro Offers Financing Options

LAS VEGAS – If you have always wanted to straighten your smile but written off treatment as too expensive, you might want to think again.
Las Vegas Invisalign provider Dr. David Alplan is making orthodontics affordable from beginning to end at all three Aesthetic Orthodontics locations: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.
The best place to start when deciding whether you can afford orthodontics or not is to find out how much they cost by scheduling a no-obligation, complimentary consultation with Dr. Alpan. After an examination, he can identify what treatment options would be best for you. Our fee is agreed upon at the start of treatment, and the finance options are your choice.

The treatment coordinator, with your permission, will call your dental insurance company to find out if you are covered for orthodontic treatment and help you get the maximum coverage out of your benefits. Once you know how much treatment will cost and how much of the cost you have to cover, you can discuss financing options.

“Scheduling the consultation and finding out treatment and financing options doesn’t cost anything but your time, and you might discover that life-changing orthodontics are comfortably within your financial reach,” says Dr. Alpan, who has been an braces provider since 1998.

Since payment options are customized, you can almost always find a payment that fits your budget. We have pay-in-full discounts and no interest payment plans. Payment for regular braces can be as low as $150 per month.

We offer in-house and third-party financing. In-house financing is no interest, as long as payments are made on time. The payment schedule can be the length of treatment time or less. Third-party financing allows the payments to be the length of treatment or longer. Interest rates vary by company. Our treatment coordinator can assist you in the application process.

Besides free consultations, a treatment coordinator to discuss and tailor payment plans, and financing, Aesthetic Orthodontics makes treatment affordable with no hidden fees or extra charges. All photographs, X-rays and molds needed for thorough diagnosis and treatment planning are done in our office, and the cost is included in the original treatment fee you were quoted.

There is no charge for emergency appointments during treatment or for retainer checks for one year following treatment.

“Another reason some patients put off getting orthodontic treatment is that they think of it as a vanity treatment,” says Dr. Alpan, an invisible braces provider. “There are long-term health benefits to straight teeth- not only to the teeth, gums and supporting bone, but to the overall health of the person.”

Straight teeth are easier to clean properly; brushing and flossing are more effective at removing plaque, and a healthy mouth is a big contributor to a healthy body. Orthodontic treatment also improves dental function, or how the teeth and jaw work together.

After Dr. Alpan’s treatment, your teeth will be in the best possible position for chewing, talking, or moving your teeth from side to side. Balancing the force exerted on your teeth during these everyday functions provides long-term health benefits for the teeth, gums and supporting bone and may reduce bruxism, abnormal wear on teeth, headaches, and pain in jaw joints and the supporting bone.