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Los Angeles Orthodontics Pro Offers Invisalign Teen

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Dr. David Alpan’s Los Angeles orthodontics practice started offering Invisalign Teen when Align Technology launched the product line in July 2008.

The Invisalign system is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners that gradually move teeth into the proper positions. The teen version added a blue dot inside the aligner on one of the back molars. If the aligner has been worn as directed, the blue dot will be faded. Invisalign Teen also allows for up to six replacement aligners if one is lost or broken.

Many patients choose invisible braces because they want a beautiful smile without the traditional metal brackets and wires, but there are more benefits than just better aesthetics. “Because the aligners are removable, cleaning the teeth, gums and mouth are easier and that usually translates to a healthier mouth,” says Dr. Alpan, an orthodontist who has been practicing since 1998.

Over time, teeth that are not properly aligned can cause pain in jaw joints and the supporting bone and can cause teeth to wear abnormally. Correcting the malocclusion can prevent those problems from developing.

“Invisalign Teen has been a great addition to the braces we offer at Aesthetic Orthodontics,” says Dr. Alpan. “They have been a very popular choice with our patients.”