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Los Angeles Orthodontist Answers FAQS About Our Quality Adult Braces

Adult BracesFor many adults, a beautiful smile is crucial for making a great first impression. Unfortunately, a variety of dental issues, particularly those dealing with misalignment, often hinder the appearance of a person’s smile. At Aesthetic Orthodontics, we understand how important smile correction can be for a working professional. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, explains how our orthodontic solutions can provide comfortable smile improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult Braces

Question: Will my braces be noticeable?

Answer: Often, people feel apprehensive about receiving braces. After all, a mouth full of metal brackets and wires can make a person feel self-conscious. Thankfully, breakthroughs in modern orthodontics allow us to offer smaller, less noticeable, and more comfortable braces.

Question: What is Invisalign?

Answer: Instead of traditional braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners to gently and gradually reposition teeth. The aligners are removable and practically invisible. Invisalign is a popular option with both teens and adults.

Question: Does Dr. Alpan offer lingual braces?

Answer: Yes. With Incognito, you can have your braces placed on the backside, or tongue facing side, of your teeth. As a result, your braces remain completely hidden from view. We offer both Incognito Light, in which we only correct the front eight teeth, and Incognito Full, which addresses your entire smile.

Question: What are the benefits of the Damon system?

Answer: The Damon systems employs self-ligating braces, requiring fewer adjustments and visits. Patients also have the option of selecting Damon Clear, which uses clear brackets for a more esthetically pleasing appearance.

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