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Las Vegas Orthodontist: What Do You Know About Children’s Braces?

Las Vegas orthodontist on getting braces offHow soon should a child receive orthodontic care? Many parents don’t realize that early treatment helps prevent the need for invasive and costly orthodontic care in the future. At Aesthetic Orthodontics, we provide the care necessary to improve the health and appearance of your child’s smile. In today’s blog, your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, explains how our children’s braces can keep your children’s smiles beautiful and even.

Children’s Braces Quiz

1. True or False: You child should see an orthodontist around age seven.

2. True or False: Your Las Vegas NV orthodontist offers braces for children.

3. True or False: For teens, we provide Invisalign clear braces.

Answer Key

1. True. According to both the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, children should first see an orthodontist around age seven. During this initial visit, Dr. Alpan will examine your child’s mouth to assess the state of their dental health. If you child shows the early signs of misalignment or other dental issues, Dr. Alpan can recommend immediate treatment.

2. True. In order to guide jaw growth, boost appearance, and address other dental issues, Dr. Alpan offers braces for children. Using metal brackets and wires, Dr. Alpan will gradually oversee the improvement of your little one’s smile.

3. True. For young adults, Invisalign Teen offers clear and comfortable smile correction. Using a series of removable plastic aligners, Invisalign will reposition teeth while remaining practically invisible. For more information on Invisalign and our other orthodontic procedures, talk to Dr. Alpan today.

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Interested in improving the appearance of your little one’s smile? Then talk to your Las Vegas NV orthodontist today. Dr. Alpan will decide which of our orthodontic procedures will best address your child’s smile issues. To make an appointment with Dr. David Alpan call (310) 888-0066 for a free initial consultation. Our 90211 dental office provides the latest in orthodontic care for the residents of Las Vegas and surrounding communities. We also have offices located in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.