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Beverly Hills Orthodontist Helps You Assess the Cost of Braces

coinOne of the most common questions concerning braces is how much the treatment will cost. As a dedicated orthodontist in Beverly Hills, Dr. David Alpan provides a variety of high quality affordable orthodontic treatments to all of our patients. Correcting your bite’s alignment (occlusion) is an ongoing process, and our mission is to help ensure that you receive the treatment you need while keeping your overall cost manageable.

Determining Immediate & Long-Term Costs

At Alpan Orthodontics, the first cost associated with orthodontic treatment is free. During your free orthodontic consultation, Dr. Alpan will thoroughly inspect your face and the alignment of your teeth and jaw, including your jaw’s joints. If orthodontic treatment is needed, such as braces, to correct this alignment, then we’ll help you determine and manage the immediate and long-term costs of your braces. We can coordinate with your insurance company on your behalf, as well as offer a variety of financing options, including interest-free, in-house options with a down payment and monthly payments that fit your specific needs.

Designing the Right Orthodontic Treatment

To accommodate the various needs of our patients, we offer a number of different affordable orthodontic options, from low-price metal braces to more advanced lingual braces that fit behind your teeth. Once the need for braces is established, Dr. Alpan will inform you about the options that are best-suited for your case and help you choose the right options.

Cost-Saving with the Right Braces

When left untreated, occlusal problems can lead to a host of dental health issues, including cracked teeth and damaged jaw joints (TMJ disorder) from excessive pressure. Correcting your bite with affordable braces can help you avoid the need for extensive treatment to correct subsequent dental problems in the future.

Call Your Beverly Hills Orthodontist Today

To learn more about the benefits and cost of braces, schedule an appointment by calling our Beverly Hills office at (310) 888-0066 today for a free initial consultation. With offices located in both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, we proudly serve patients across  all surrounding communities.