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Wear Braces Behind Your Teeth!

Incognito-EXCELLENCEwebtag-FINALAesthetics is an important concern in any dental treatment, but when it comes to orthodontics (straightening crooked teeth), the conspicuousness of braces can cause some patients to neglect treatment altogether. Unfortunately, crooked teeth are more than a cosmetic concern. When teeth are misaligned, your bite may not function properly, and excessive, uneven pressure can lead to damaged teeth and/or damaged or misaligned jaw joints (TMJs). To address our patients’ cosmetic concerns as well as improve the look and function of their misaligned bites, Dr. David Alpan offers a wide range of discreet orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign clear aligners and innovative lingual braces. While Invisalign comprises clear aligners instead of brackets and wires, your Los Angeles orthodontist also provides lingual braces that are placed behind your teeth, completely concealing your orthodontic treatment.

Hidden Orthodontics with Incognito™ Braces

Braces are designed to gently force crooked teeth into more desirable positions, improving the smile’s look and allowing it to function more efficiently. Invisalign clear braces are a popular choice for many orthodontic patients, but some severe cases of malocclusion (crooked teeth) may require the more concentrated force generated by traditional brackets and wires. By placing Incognito™ braces behind a patient’s teeth, Dr. Alpan can help patients benefit from traditional orthodontics without announcing their treatment to everyone that they encounter. Each set of Incognito braces is custom designed for each patient, and consists of intelligent wires and brackets engineered to deliver specific results. They’re unique design and fit improve comfort and function as well as maintaining the utmost discretion.

A Standard of Excellence

As a longtime provider of lingual and other forms of braces, Dr. Alpan has extensive experience in innovative orthodontic treatments, and was awarded the Center of Excellence designation for his expertise with the Incognito lingual braces system. After a comprehensive examination and consultation, Dr. Alpan will help you decide if lingual braces are the right option for you. Aside from Incognito, Dr. Alpan is also highly experienced with other lingual braces systems, including invisible braces (Invisibraces), AOA lingual braces, 3M Creekmore lingual braces, Harmony braces, lingual care, and i-braces.

About Dr. Alpan:

With offices in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Alpan Orthodontics has proudly served patients and their families from all surrounding communities since 1999. To schedule your orthodontic consultation, contact our Los Angeles office at (213) 382-8228 to find the location nearest to you.