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How About the Need for a Retainer?

Los Angeles, CA – Many patients have questions about retainers and want to know if they are necessary for everyone – and for how long.

“After your braces come off, wearing a retainer is the next step,” says Dr. David Alpan, a Los Angeles pediatric orthodontics provider. “Retainers are important because they stabilize the teeth after the active orthodontic appliance is removed at the end of treatment.”

Without retainers, your teeth gradually would return to their original position over time. To keep your teeth in their ideal positions for the rest of your life, it is best to wear a retainer that long. Some retainers can be put in permanently. The ideal retainer is made of a clear, plastic removable material that fits on your teeth like a glove and can be worn at home while you sleep.

Retainers are the least expensive form of insurance around. If you lose one, it costs less to have it immediately replaced than to undergo orthodontic treatment again.

“We all are familiar with the old saying, ‘Use it or lose it.’ Our response is that if you lose it, you can’t use it,” Alpan says. “That’s why it is so important to replace lost retainers immediately. That way you are not faced with repeating orthodontic treatment later in life.”

Sometimes parents run into problems when children or teens do not want to wear their retainer. After the investment is made, it is important to follow through and do all you can to encourage them to wear retainers. It may help to educate them on the importance of the retainer. Listen carefully when they complain about them, but do all you can to ensure that they feel like they are part of the decision process that leads to successful follow-through on wearing retainers. After all, in the end they will be proud of their teeth and glad they wore it.

Retainers come in a variety of fashionable colors at Alpan’s Las Vegas orthodontics office, which can sometimes help encourage people to wear them. Alpan, a Las Vegas invisible braces expert, says everything possible is done by his staff to help achieve a successful result with braces.

The Las Vegas braces expert who founded Aesthetic Orthodontics, says mapping out a good, workable plan is key when seeking treatment for the ideal smile.
“Patients who are on board from the start and motivated often see the best results,” he says. “Each step in orthodontic work is important, right down to wearing a retainer. When patients are excited about the work and cooperative, it goes a long way toward the final successful outcome.”