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Dreaming of Teeth?

Teeth-Falling-OutHave you ever had a dream that your teeth were falling out? Perhaps your teeth crumbled in your hands, or you watched the rot and slowly fall out? All of these are extremely common dreams, but they can leave behind horrifying images and be very disturbing. So what do these dreams mean? Among the dream community, there are a few accepted interpretations.

One interpretation is that dreaming about your teeth falling out can reflect your anxieties about your personal appearance. Your dreams often reflect how you feel about yourself or other events happening in your life. You may be concerned about your smile, your overall appearance, getting old, or feeling rejected. All of these are normal, healthy emotions but they may be weighing more on your mind than you think if you are experiencing these kinds of dreams.

You may feel embarrassed in your dream as your teeth are falling out. If so, the dream may be rooted in a fear of making a fool out of yourself or being rejected. Maybe your feel unprepared for something you are working on. Your dream is just an exaggeration of these anxieties.

Teeth are also seen as a symbol of power in dreams. Teeth are used to gnaw, rip, bite, and chew. Losing your teeth may mean that you feel powerless in a situation. Perhaps you lack self-confidence or feel that you have difficulties expressing how you feel. This dream can serve as an indication that you need to focus on being more assertive and taking control of your feelings.

Dreaming about braces? If you have a dream about having braces on your teeth, it usually means you need to “brace yourself” for something that is about to happen.

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