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Change is Good

We are making some exciting changes at Aesthetic Orthodontics. This week we launched our new website, which has a more modern look and feel to it and is more user-friendly. The new website will make it easier for patients to find information about our offices, different treatment options that we offer, and answers to common questions that patients have before and during treatment. We continue to provide T.Link, a patient account system, making it easy to manage appointments, see before and after photos, suggest referrals, and view account balances. Earlier this year, we created a new logo that has made our brand more identifiable and cutting-edge. Additionally, we have new marketing materials and promotional items available to our patients and are planning on implementing new contests and games to keep an overall sense of community amongst our team and our patients. We are very excited about these new changes and hope that you will spend a few minutes reacquainting yourself with Aesthetic Orthodontics.