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Beverly Hills Orthodontist Explains Lingual Braces

young-woman-confident-smileAs a dedicated orthodontist in Beverly Hills, Dr. David Alpan specializes in all aspects of orthodontic treatment, including your personal preferences, comfort, and confidence throughout the course of your treatment. For your convenience, we offer numerous different kinds of braces to suit various needs. Today, we explore the benefits of Incognito hidden braces—an advanced form of lingual braces that are fully customizable for optimal comfort and success.

What are Lingual Braces?

An important concern for many adult patients who need orthodontic treatment is the pronounced appearance of traditional braces. As the name suggests, lingual braces are placed on the lingual, or inside, surface of your teeth, facing towards your tongue. Incognito hidden braces are uniquely designed to your mouth’s specifications and contoured to fit the lingual surface of your teeth, offering you the precision and effectiveness of traditional braces without announcing your orthodontic treatment to the world. Aside from Incognito, Dr. Alpan has extensive with nearly every lingual system, including invisibraces, AOA lingual braces, 3M Creekmore lingual braces, Harmony braces, lingual care, and i-braces.

Other Options for Discrete Orthodontic Treatment

Depending on various factors, including the severity of your misaligned teeth, Dr. Alpan may recommend one of a number of other discrete orthodontic treatments, including tooth-colored brackets and wires or Invisalign clear braces, which utilize a series of removable clear acrylic aligners. After a comprehensive examination, Dr. Alpan will consult with you to determine the best course of treatment for your specific case and goals.

Ask Your Beverly Hills Orthodontist if Lingual Braces are Right for You

Straightening your teeth doesn’t have to involve the traditional, conspicuous metal apparatus that can make many adult patients apprehensive about necessary orthodontic treatment. To learn more, or to find out if lingual braces are right for you, schedule an appointment with your Beverly Hills orthodontist by calling (310) 888-0066 today for a free initial consultation. Located in the 90211 area, we proudly serve patients across Beverly Hills and all surrounding communities.  For your convenience, we also have orthodontic offices in Los Angeles and Los Vegas.