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Beverly Hills CA Dentist: Lingual Braces vs. Standard Braces

white-smile-3Braces have made many developments in recent years. It is now possible to straighten your teeth without anyone else being any the wiser. You may be familiar with clear braces, like those provided by Invisalign, but you may not have heard about lingual braces, a customized treatment that uses wires and brackets in a very discrete way. To learn more about lingual braces, read below as your Beverly Hills CA orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, compares them to standard metal braces.

Discretion: Lingual Braces vs. Standard Braces

Unfortunately, many adults choose not to receive orthodontic treatment for fear of embarrassment. They feel this way because there is an unfair stigma that goes with wearing braces past a certain age. However, thanks to advances in orthodontics, adults have several options for discrete treatment including lingual braces. The secret to the discretion offered by lingual braces is that the wire-and bracket braces are custom made to fit against the back surface of teeth (closer to the tongue than the lips). With the wires and brackets hidden from sight, no one need know a thing about your decision to straighten your teeth. Thus, lingual braces may be preferable to standard metal braces for adults.

Treatment Times: Lingual Braces vs. Standard Braces

Surprisingly lingual braces tend to offer faster treatment times than standard braces, making them even more enticing. They also do away with many required dental visits for adjustments, allowing them to accommodate you and your life rather than the other way around.

Cost Comparison: Lingual Braces vs. Standard Braces

The cost of lingual braces can exceed that of standard metal braces. However, the cost will depend upon the system you choose. If, for instance, you choose Incognito full, the cost may be more than either Invisalign or standard braces. However, if you receive Incognito light, the cost will be more in line with other orthodontic treatments.

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