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When Adults Need Braces in Beverly Hills

pretty-woman-hand-over-smileWhen many people think of braces, they envision children with bright, happy, slightly-crooked, and metal-clad smiles. It’s true that a large portion of orthodontic care is aimed at children whose teeth and jaws are still developing, but adults suffer from malocclusion (a crooked bite), as well, and correcting it is equally as important. If confidence in your appearance plays a significant role in your personal and/or professional life, then the thought of metal braces may not appeal to your desire for self-improvement. With a variety of adult braces from your Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, you can choose a discrete orthodontic option that straightens your teeth while remaining incognito to those around you.

Braces That None Can See

Ideally, patients shouldn’t sacrifice confidence for straighter smiles. The goal of adult orthodontics is to achieve the balance and symmetry a mouth requires to function properly while allowing the patient to retain confidence during treatment.

Incognito Braces

Incognito braces, also known as hidden, invisible, and lingual braces, follow the same principle as traditional braces, though with the brackets and wires attached to the back of teeth and out of sight. Incognito braces are highly-customizable, each bracket designed to the specific orthodontic needs of the patient, to provide optimal comfort as well as discretion.

Learn More About Adult Braces with Your Beverly Hills Orthodontist

To learn more about your options for adult braces, schedule an appointment by calling our Beverly Hills orthodontics office at (310) 888-0066 today for a free initial consultation. Located in the 90211 area, we proudly serve patients across Beverly Hills, and all surrounding communities.  For your convenience, we also have orthodontic office in Los Angeles.