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Invisalign Teen Still Popular Option At Aesthetic Orthodontics After Four Years

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan has been offering Invisalign Teen, a specialized version of the invisible braces, since Align Technology put it out on the market in 2008, and it continues to be a big hit among his teen patients.

“Invisalign Teen is a treatment method that is ideal for patients who want the beautiful smile without the traditional metal brackets and wires, and its discreet look is one of the biggest benefits according to our patients,” says Dr. Alpan, who is in the top three Invisalign providers for Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

Align Technology launched Invisalign Teen in the North American market with features to help doctors treat teen patients and streamline treatment planning and to offer case monitoring support.

The original Invisalign system that Dr. Alpan has offered since 1999 uses a series of custom-made, removable aligners to move teeth into the proper positions.

The teen version of the nearly invisible braces functions the same way, but they have a wear indicator on one of the back molars, a blue dot that fades when the aligner is worn as prescribed.

Length of treatment time varies from case to case, but patients undergo treatment for an average of a year. With Invisalign there are usually fewer office visits than other types of braces, and patients can keep treatment time as short as possible by wearing aligners exactly like the orthodontist directs.

Dr. Alpan has treated more than 400 patients with Invisalign Teen. He says that besides the aesthetic benefits, the ability to remove the aligners for routine dental care and special events is another big plus. Fixed brackets can make it difficult to thoroughly clean teeth, and patients are more likely to stick with diligent dental care when there aren’t brackets and wires in the way.

Invisalign Teen is just one of the invisible braces options that Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles orthodontist, offers. Incognito braces go on the back of the teeth, also known as the lingual side. The customized brackets are contoured to provide the patient with optimal comfort. They work the same way traditional braces do, and move teeth efficiently and effectively.

Another virtually invisible orthodontic treatment is Damon clear braces. This system uses self-ligating brackets that don’t require ligatures, the elastics to hold arch wires in place on traditional metal braces. The combination of clear brackets and the self-ligating technology make Damon clear braces a comfortable fit and an aesthetically pleasing option. They also move teeth faster and require fewer adjustments, shorter appointment times and shorter total treatment time.

“We’re proud to offer as many options as possible for our patients. The variety means every patient can find a treatment method to get a more beautiful smile and to boost their self-confidence,” says Dr. Alpan.

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