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Los Angeles TMJ Dentist Explains How MARA Appliances Are Used

Los Angeles, CA – The Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA) is used to nurture the lower jaw’s forward growth and fix overbites. “In my experience, the MARA is the best way to gently reposition the lower jaw,” notes Dr. David Alpan, a Los Angeles tmj dentist.

With a special fluoride-releasing tooth adhesive, the Los Angeles dentist attaches MARA to the first molars using stainless steel crowns. The appliance holds the patient’s lower jaw in a forward position as the muscles and bone adapt to the jaw’s new location. Similar appliances are often removable and thus need the patient’s cooperation, but because the MARA is constantly in place, it is always repositioning the lower jaw. Two of the appliance’s parts, however, can be taken out when the doctor needs to adjust the device.

“Compared to other appliances, the MARA offers more dependability and a briefer treatment period,” explains Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles braces expert. “The usual treatment period is a year. It works more easily and is less obtrusive than similar units.”

Many patients need some time to get accustomed to the MARA. At first, holding your jaw in a different place while speaking and eating can be awkward. Your teeth will meet in a new way and chewing will feels different. But, such problems are short-lived – a week or less – and aren’t visible to other people. Your tongue and cheeks will adapt, so it will get easier to eat and speak, observes Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles invisible braces specialist.

Patients with the MARA appliance need to brush cautiously, especially exercising care near the areas where the metal meets the gums. The appliance is sturdy, but patients do need to avoid eating hard or sticky foods, which can damage the device.