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Los Angeles Braces Orthodontist Offers New Damon Clear Braces

Los Angeles, CA – Many patients find traditional braces slow and uncomfortable. Regular metal braces need elastics to keep arch wires in place. But the elastics act like bungee cords, causing friction and pressure that slows treatment and makes it less comfortable.

“There is an alternative,” notes Dr. David Alpan, a Los Angeles braces orthodontist. “Damon System self-ligating braces have no elastic ties to hold archwires in place. They are smaller, more comfortable, and use a slide mechanism that allows the archwire to move freely, without friction or tension. This system lets the teeth move into place faster and means the braces require fewer adjustments, shorter dental appointments, and a total treatment time that is roughly six months shorter.”

Now Damon braces are available in a clear version that is virtually invisible. Other clear braces systems are removable, which means the wearer must remember to replace the aligners and that they can be lost. Damon clear braces are always in place, working 24 hours a day to align your teeth into your new smile. Damon clear braces combine the best of Damon tieless braces with the benefits of a less noticeable clear system.

Other invisible braces only straighten teeth, but the Damon Clear System improves your facial aesthetics by aligning your profile, giving you a broader arch, and creating a fuller, wider smile with wall-to-wall teeth. Moreover, you can achieve these results without extracting teeth and without needing to use uncomfortable rapid palate expanders. “Because patients experience a dramatic improvement in their overall appearance, we call this process the ‘bracelift facelift,'” explains Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles Invisalign provider.

The Damon System’s archwires are composed of a unique hi-tech memory-shape alloy that is formed into the desired arch shape from the start. Throughout treatment, the wire works to regain its original shape, gently moving the teeth into their optimal arch shape based on the patient’s unique biology.

“Because the system exerts only gentle pressure, the blood flow to the surrounding gum tissues is not interrupted, and teeth don’t have to be extracted to make room,” says Dr. Alpan, a Los Angeles braces specialist. “Patients report that the braces are comfortable – and they are easier to keep clean than traditional braces.”