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Los Angeles Braces For Children Trend Shifting To Adults

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Twenty-five percent of all orthodontic patients over the past two decades have been adults, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. They report that women seeking treatment outnumber men by about three to one.

But according to adults and kids’ orthodontist Dr. David Alpan, this trend may be starting to shift. He has noticed more men, including lawyers, doctors and other business professionals, seeking orthodontic treatment at his practice Aesthetic Orthodontics in Los Angeles.

Braces for children and adolescents have always been common, but the increase in invisible braces options like Invisalign and Incognito allow for bite correction and aesthetic improvement without the inconveniences regular braces may have for a business professional’s day-to-day life,” says Dr. Alpan.

According to an article in the Albany-based Times Union newspaper, there are approximately a million adults in the United States who get braces each year.

The article says most seek out orthodontic treatment for aesthetic reasons, but many understand that orthodontics bring many other benefits. Straight teeth and a proper bite help prevent oral health issues, including tooth decay, bone loss and periodontal disease that can lead to loss of teeth and the need for crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures. Studies have also proved that good oral health also has a positive impact on systemic health.

“Almost anyone can reap the oral health benefits of properly aligned teeth,” says Dr. Alpan. “We are thrilled that the stigma of seeking treatment as an adult seems to be subsiding and as a result seeing an increase in adult patients.”

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