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Last Vegas Orthodontics Expert Says Braces for Adults

LAS VEGAS – Many people have a preconceived notion that the teen years automatically associate with braces – and beyond those years, it’s too late, Las Vegas orthodontics specialist Dr. David Alpan says.
“There is not an age limit on improving your smile and boosting your self-esteem,” Alpan says. “Adults of any age can gain great enjoyment from the benefits of orthodontic treatment.”

They can improve their smiles with Invisalign- removable, clear plastic aligners; with Damon System braces iBraces – hidden, lingual braces; or invisible braces.

They are not your high school braces, clearly.

“Development of new forms of braces has come a long way,” the Las Vegas braces expert says. “Braces are far more comfortable. It is much, much, easier to adjust to wearing them – and so worth it.”
In addition, treatment times are much shorter and call for far fewer visits.

“There are new dental appliances, and new materials,” Alpan says. “A lot of these braces are hardly even noticeable- if it all. It has really never been easier to achieve a fabulous smile – without the process you might remember from high school days.”
If you walk into the office of the Las Vegas orthodontist, you are likely to see plenty of adults coming in for treatment, in addition to the younger set.

“At least a third of our patients are adults,” Alpan says. “After they see their brand new smiles, I can’t tell you how many of them tell us they only wish they had done it sooner. There may be a lot of ways to make yourself over, but there is nothing like a brand new, beautiful smile to enhance your appearance.”

Perhaps you passed on braces when you needed them as a child – or there were family reasons why they were not possible. Or, some people may have had braces, but did not wear their retainer. It is not too late to redo your smile, Alpan says. Adults are generally ideal patients, more than willing to make appointments, wear retainers and follow instructions to achieve the very best result orthodontics can provide.

“We can still help you achieve your dream of a gorgeous smile,” he says. “I promise that you are never too old.”
Some patients consider going for braces later in life, but in the end might decide they missed their chance – no sense in getting them at that point. Nothing could be farther from the truth, the Las Vegas, NV invisible braces professional says.