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Las Vegas Invisalign Provider Addresses Advantages

LAS VEGAS – While many patients decide to get braces and are willing to undergo the process diligently, some age groups present special circumstances that call for expert attention, says Las Vegas Invisalign professional Dr. David Alpan.
For teen-agers, specific needs are addressed by a product created by the makers of Invisalign, Alpan says.

Invisalign Teen specifically addresses the needs of teens undergoing orthodontic treatment,” Alpan says. “This product features an especially engineered aligner, which addresses root control issues. These are quite common in teenage patients, as is the natural eruption of second molars.”

The Las Vegas incognito braces expert says the product has a very important feature built in – one that illustrates the cooperation of the patient. “Invisalign only works when the aligners are worn as directed,” Alpan says. “Invisalign Teen features blue compliance indicators on each aligner. They dissipate with wear, which allows the orthodontist and parents to recognize how faithfully the patient is wearing them.”

Otherwise, the product feels, looks and functions much the same as the traditional Invisalign, he says.”The teen product is just as effective and produces the same tremendous results,” Las Vegas orthodontics professional Alpan says, “but the indicators can really come in handy with the busy lives of young people who might otherwise overlook making sure they are properly worn.”

The low visibility of the tooth straightening option is very appealing for young people as well, he says. Teens can have their teeth straightened without their friends even being aware of the orthodontic brackets, because Invisalign Teen does not call for metal wires. This can be particularly appealing for young people who are involved with sports activities.

And, because the aligners are removable, foods otherwise forbidden with regular braces can be consumed while at a movie or other occasion teens may enjoy. “It might not seem like a large sacrifice to some of us, but for a teen, giving up popcorn and certain types of candy can be a deterrent to patient cooperation,” Alpan says.

It also appeals to them to be able to always look their best, he says.
“Young people who wear Invisalign braces do not have to worry about special moments of their lives being captured on camera with braces shining through, either,” says the Las Vegas invisible braces expert. “They are barely visible, and they also can always be slipped off for photo opportunities.”