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Go Incognito With A Fully-Customized Orthodontic Treatment Plan

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Dr. David Alpan offers Incognito Hidden Braces, the kind that go on the back of the teeth, for adults and teenagers at his practice Aesthetic Orthodontics.

“Patients say that Incognito’s treatment time is faster, easier and causes less sensitivity than previous types of lingual braces,” says Dr. Alpan, a Las Vegas incognito braces provider since he first opened his Las Vegas practice in 1999.

The number one reason patients like Incognito is their aesthetic characteristics. Since they go on the tongue side, or back side, of the teeth, they are virtually invisible to others. There is more than one benefit though, according to Dr. Alpan.

The Las Vegas, Invisalign elite preferred provider says that no two brackets or wires are the same. Specifically customized to each patient means they experience very little discomfort and almost no interference with speech.

“No other lingual braces offer the comfort and performance of Incognito Hidden Braces,” says Dr. Alpan, who is licensed to practice dentistry and orthodontics in California and Nevada.

Another benefit of this method of orthodontic treatment is the shorter treatment time: an average of 20 months. They typically require fewer adjustments, less office visits, provide immediate results and work faster than traditional braces or other methods.

“Patients are always pleased with how efficiently and effectively these braces work,” says Dr. Alpan.

After a complimentary consultation to find out if Incognito braces are a good treatment option, there is a two-appointment process to have them put on. During the first appointment, all the photographs, measurements and impressions of the teeth are taken. The information is sent to a professional dental lab to create the customized brackets and wires.

Incognito Hidden Braces are made of gold alloy and created using the latest technology, including computer-aided design and manufacturing devices, and robotic technology.

During a second appointment, Dr. Alpan prepares the surfaces of the teeth, and then securely attaches the brackets and wires in place.