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All about Incognito Hidden Braces

Las Vegas, Nevada – Mention braces and most people think of unattractive “train tracks” stuck to the front your teeth. But, there is another way: Incognito Hidden Braces attach to the backs of your teeth. Only you will know you are wearing braces. Sometimes this kind is called lingual braces because the orthodontist attaches them on the tongue or “lingual” side of the teeth.

Because of special contouring, Incognito braces provide more comfort and better performance that other lingual braces. Incognito braces, first offered in 2010, are individually designed for your teeth; each set is different from all others.

The first step is a visit to the orthodontist. “We make thorough and precise impressions of your teeth. Next we send those impressions – with the prescription- to Incognito’s lab,” says a Las Vegas orthodontics expert, Dr. Alpan, . “They use the impressions to fabricate stone models.”

Then Incognito uses new CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping technologies to design and create a custom set of braces, using a durable gold alloy. Lab personnel also create a set of wires and bend them very precisely with robotic technology.

“Usually we’ll get the braces five weeks after the first visit,” says Dr. Alpan. “Before attaching them, we carefully prepare your teeth for the brackets. After acquiring the braces, you’ll need to have regular appointments until your treatment is complete.”