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Summer Grilling

No, not a BBQ. I’m talking dental grills, those popular embellished tooth coverings made famous by rappers, and now, Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte.

Grills are often made out of precious metals like gold and are often decorated with jewels. But, sometimes, grills are made on the cheap with nickel, a metal that may irritate gum tissue. The most important aspect of a grill is the fit. Grills snap onto the teeth, so a precisely-fitted grill is imperative to avoid tooth movement (imagine a bad retainer) and to prevent a larger amount of bacteria to collect between the grill and the teeth and gums. A poor-fitting grill may lead to gum disease and tooth caries, and tooth movement that may not only lead to an unsatisfactory smile, but also an improper bite.

I don’t recommend grills, but if it is something that you are going to get regardless, spend the extra money for one that is made with quality metal and is expertly fitted.