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Smiles of the Rich and Famous

I saw this article online at www.zeel.com and thought it really hit home for adults considering orthodontics, especially those living amongst the stars here in Los Angeles.  


Posted on: June 21, 2011
By: StacyAtZeel


Longing for a Hollywood smile? Eva Longoria did too. In the July issue of InStyle magazine, the Cristiada leading lady reveals that she is currently sporting, yes, braces to realign her bottom teeth.

Let’s get one thing straight. The 36-year-old actress isn’t the only celebrity to seek an improved smile through orthodontics. For many adults, the only thing more embarrassing than a dreaded tin grin is a mouthful of crooked teeth, so it’s no wonder that one in every five orthodontic patients has long since graduated from wearing a training bra.

The beauty of present day orthodontics is that there are many ways to straighten your smile. Crowded, gapped and overlapping teeth can be perfected with traditional metal braces or with less noticeable clear brackets. For adults who prefer a more concealed style, lingual braces can be fastened to the backs of the teeth. And for those who want to avoid tooth attachments altogether, Invisalign—removable bite trays that shift the teeth into place—can be a practical solution.

Which treatment is right for you? Take a cue from these beaming celebrities who turned to adult orthodontia to enhance their headshots.

Tom Cruise, Age 39

While taking his kids to the orthodontist, silver screen icon Tom Cruise decided to fix his already dashing smile after discovering that his front teeth were not perfectly centered. Cruise opted for invisible braces, though he removed the orthodontia while filming.

Zeel Expert and New York City orthodontist Elisa Mello appeared on Inside Edition to discuss the actor’s dental treatment (you can watch the video here). Mello estimated that Cruise would need to wear the studs for 12 to 18 months.

Katherine Heigl, Age 28

Katherine Heigl never really wanted to fix her “wonky” teeth, that is, until she got engaged. “I want my teeth straight for my wedding photos,” the blonde beauty said in an interview with E! Online. Heigl chose to wear an Invisalign retainer, which she dubbed “Netflix for your teeth.”

Gwen Stefani, Age 30

Fashion icon and former rock-star Gwen Stefani donned full-blown metal braces on both her top and bottom rows of teeth. No doubt, they were as quirky an accessory as her magenta locks and too-short bangs. Still, she managed to nab herself a husband at the time.

Holly Willoughby, Age 30

A growing baby bump isn’t the only physical change this British anchorwoman and model is publicizing these days. “Brace yourselves, I’ve got braces…eek!” Willoughby tweeted earlier this month. The This Morningtelevision presenter chose barely-there clear brackets connected with a thin white wire.

Cher, Age 30s

Ok, so it was a long time ago. But music legend Cher did in fact wear braces as an adult. Cher observed her teeth shifting while at the dentist for a routine cleaning, and had the braces applied soon after. (Too bad Invisalign wasn’t invented yet.)