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This is a great video of the end of the movie “Modern Times” starring Charlie Chaplin in 1936. The comedian brought smiles to the faces of people around the world, which is why it is fitting that he wrote the music you hear playing in the background. In 1936, this theme song was nothing more than a beautiful melody, but in 1954, lyrics and the title “Smile” were given to this popular standard.

The message of the song is that even in the worst of times, you can make it through if you just smile. We all face difficult times, and sometimes, you just don’t have a reason to smile. But even forcing a smile can actually make you start to feel better as endorphins are released when you smile, helping to relieve physical and emotional stress. Just focus on putting happy thoughts into your head, take a few deep breaths, and smile. Smiling will not only make you start to feel better, but it will put others at ease and make them feel good as well. When you are facing a particularly hard time, offer up a smile. You’ll send a message that you are accepting the world around you, and the world will, in turn, smile back at you.