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Shiny and New

Shiny and New It isn’t surprising that Lindsay Lohan is all over the news this week, but one of the hot topics  regarding this Hollywood starlet is the dramatic change that her teeth have undergone in the past  couple of weeks. Lindsay tweeted with the picture below that she had gotten a Zoom! teeth  whitening treatment and thanked her dentist for her pearly whites.

There has been a lot of skepticism regarding whether or not Lindsay had more work done than just  teeth whitening. Some doctors have suggested that she may have gotten crowns or veneers. I am  not going to discredit what anyone has contended or opined, but here is what I am going to say: The  Zoom! Teeth Whitening System, a service that we offer at Aesthetic Orthodontics, delivers amazing  whitening results. That being said, Zoom! bleaching does not have the capability of changing the  structure or the shape of a tooth. It is meant only to deliver a whiter smile.

Orthodontic treatment is similar. With braces, I create straight beautiful smiles, aligned jaws, and comfortable bites for my patients, but orthodontic treatment will not dramatically change the shape of their teeth.

Regardless of the cause of Lindsay Lohan’s dental dilemmas,the best advice I can give to avoid issues like discoloration and tooth decay is to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise, and avoid drugs, chemicals, and foods that can cause dental erosion.