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Embracing Your Braces

Masterbrand_Ruby15Crest and Oral B have created a contest called “Life Opens Up” where people submit videos about how their mouth has helped them open up to the world, and how the world has opened up to them in return. Crest and Oral B created several videos to show people the types stories they are looking for, and our patient, Ruby, was selected to shoot one of these videos because of her story about having braces as an adult.

Ruby has really conquered the fears and apprehensions about having braces as an adult and exudes the kind of contagious self-confidence that draws people in. We joke about braces being magnetic, but in Ruby’s case, hers really are. Ruby not only found her boyfriend during treatment, she embraced her social life and increased her self-confidence. Since the video was made, Ruby has gotten her braces off and loves her new smile. She is a great example of how patients can make the most of their orthodontic treatment.

If you are worried about having braces, try to take Ruby’s advice: Put yourself out there! Post a couple of pictures of you with your braces. Remember that you are only temporarily in treatment. Thousands of people have braces, and the people who truly care about you will be supportive of your treatment. Braces are becoming trendy as more and more adults are choosing to start orthodontic treatment. Focus on the changes that you see as your treatment progresses, and look forward to the end result. Enjoy your braces while they last and always embrace your smile.