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Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us

Having offices in California and Nevada requires some frequent travel. Nine times out of ten someone is reading a celebrity gossip magazine on the plane in a seat nearby, as was the case this past weekend on my flight back from Las Vegas. A woman sitting catty-corner from me was reading the latest edition of US Weekly. US Weekly has a feature called “They’re Just Like Us,” a weekly reminder that celebrities are regular people who do regular things. As she flipped through pages, it made me think about just how many celebrities have had braces.

Society and the media teach us to aspire to that perfect celebrity image: perfect body, perfect smile, perfect wardrobe, perfect life, when, in fact, many of these stars pay a lot of money to achieve those things. Without trainers, gyms, diets, nutritionists, dentists, orthodontists, publicists, wardrobe consultants, plastic surgeons, and the like, most of these celebrities could never attain that image.

It may seem like celebrities are already perfect when they become famous, but they often seek help from an orthodontist while they are famous. Since the introduction of Invisalign, Incognito, and other clear and invisible braces, celebrities and the rest of us “regular” people have had the opportunity to get straight teeth without anyone ever knowing it. Katherine Heigl, Justin Bieber, and Gisele Bundchen have all undergone Invisalign treatment while they were famous. If you had your doubts that any star would ever get metal braces, plenty of them have opted for more traditional braces including Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, Dakota Fanning, Prince Harry, Faye Dunaway, and Gwen Stefani, again, all while famous.

I treat many on-camera talent, and they all opt for different treatments depending on what feels the most comfortable for them. The truth is, we were all born differently, with different attributes, and different imperfections, all of which make us unique. The most important thing is being healthy and keeping a positive self-image. Achieving a flawless smile may be aesthetically desirable to you and celebrities alike, because after all, they’re just like us.