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Braces Can Be Cool

Many of my younger patients enthusiastically seek orthodontic treatment looking forward to the end result of a beautiful, healthy smile. Their attitude is positive and they get excited about new wires or colorful bands. But, sometimes my pre-teen or teen patients aren’t thrilled about getting braces put on their teeth. It’s an awkward enough time as it is in junior high and high school, and the physical and emotional consequences of braces can be somewhat traumatizing to certain patients. To parents, this attitude can seem irrational. After all, a lot of kids have braces, and it’s only for a couple of years. Adults seem to forget how slowly time passes when you are younger, and a couple of years can feel like a lifetime.

At Aesthetic Orthodontics, we believe that braces are cool, and our team tries to make braces seem cool to those patients who would disagree with us. We try to make our young patients feel as comfortable as possible with their treatment, and we offer many different types of braces so that our patients have options when it comes to their orthodontic treatment.

Parents, you can play a big role in preparing a child for braces. Listen to their fears and concerns and don’t dismiss them because they are not as significant to you. Answer any questions that your child may have to the best of your knowledge, and if you don’t know an answer, try to find out. State the facts correctly, and don’t push uncomfortable subjects under the rug. You can enlist the help of relatives and friends who have had orthodontic treatment to help talk your child through it, and you can show them pictures of people in the media who have braces to make the treatment seem easier and more enticing. Finally, be sure to mention the health benefits of having aligned teeth, like less places for bacteria to hide, healthier teeth, and improved aesthetics.

A positive attitude makes a big difference in anyone’s orthodontic treatment. Some patients need a little bit more support and encouragement to help enforce a positive image of orthodontic treatment. If you are a patient that needs encouragement, or a parent that can use some support, let us know! We are on your side and are always here to help and to provide the care you need to feel at ease with treatment.