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Average Orthodontist Invisalign Costs Have Decreased in 2012

“Dental marketing blog TheWealthyDentist.com (TWD) reported in a recent survey that the average cost to consumers during the past year for Invisalign® braces has decreased slightly when received from orthodontists, and increased slightly when received from general dentists, who blame the increase on higher lab fees for the Invisalign® trays.

According to TWD, average costs for general dentist patients rose about 4% in 2012. Average costs for orthodontist patients fell about 22% in 2012. Patients on the East Coast (New York and Florida) paid about twice as much as patients in the West (Colorado and California).”

Read more at http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/08/12/recent-dental-marketing-surveys-twd-reports-invisalign%C2%AE-braces-profitability#JYYYKimQCriOgjGG.99

It’s important to remember that each patient is different and each case offers a different set of problems that make treatment costs vary. A lot goes into determining what a patient’s overall treatment cost will be. The best way to determine what Invisalign treatment will cost is by coming in for a free consultation. Remember that orthodontists specialize in aligning your teeth and bite and have much more experience and training in treating these issues than general dentists.