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A Smarter Sweet Tooth

Sugar! To some of us, sugar may seem like nature’s most perfect food. But, as we all know, sugar can be extremely detrimental to our health including increasing the risk for numerous diseases, and leading to tooth decay. Obviously, it would be a healthy choice to eliminate sugar from our diets as much as possible, but that is an undertaking that may seem nearly impossible for those of us with a strong sweet tooth. Instead of giving in to each sweet temptation, however, we can still satisfy a sweet tooth by making smarter nutritional decisions when reaching for a little sugar.

If you are used to going to the fridge at night for a little ice cream, opt for a smoothie instead. Blend a cup of skim milk with a cup of fruit and you’ve got yourself a real treat. Or, grab a little yogurt. Have your favorite flavor, or get some plain or vanilla yogurt and mix it with some honey and cinnamon. This gives you more calcium, probiotics, and antioxidants than that high-fat, high-sugar content ice cream ever will.

For those of you with a chocolate craving, why not make some chocolate milk or melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips and dip your favorite fresh fruit into it? These options carry more nutritional value than that candy bar you’ve been craving.

There are always ways to make our favorite junk foods healthier, and the internet is a great way research and explore some of those options. But, if you just can’t live without that piece of pie, remember to eat in moderation and keep a healthy lifestyle by staying active and exercising.