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Los Angeles Orthodontist Has the Ideal Braces for Adults

smile-las-vegasOrthodontic treatment for children is pretty easy, for the most part. Kids may feel a bit self-conscious wearing metal braces, but childhood is a great time for orthodontic treatment because it is a time of development when this type of treatment is expected. Adulthood, on the other hand, is a more difficult time to receive orthodontic treatment. Many people find it strange when an adult wears braces, making the entire process more emotionally trying. As a result, many adults avoid orthodontics altogether, despite dreaming of a beautiful smile. Thankfully, though, there is a solution. Invisalign has created braces for adults. Read below as your Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, explains how these braces take the embarrassment out of orthodontics.

Adult Braces and Confidence

Because wearing braces as an adult can be a serious emotional trial, adult braces seek to take the embarrassment out of orthodontics. In order to accomplish this goal, Invisalign has done away with wires and brackets altogether. In their place are clear aligners that fit over teeth, allowing your smile to remain the center of attention. These aligners reposition teeth gradually, and as a patient works through the Invisalign system, he or she will change aligners multiple times according to a treatment schedule. Each aligner features a different configuration that is slightly closer to the end result. By working through a series of aligners, patients are left facing fewer dental visits because there is no need to have brackets tightened or adjusted.

Another perk of Invisalign is the removability of the aligners. Because you can take them out, you are free to eat any foods you like. Homecare is also much simpler as you do not have to work around wires and brackets to clean your teeth.

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