INSIGNIA – Reduce Treatment Time & Office Visits

3D Digital Orthodontic Smile Design

Your smile is unique like fingerprints,. There’s not another like it on the planet. Given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer that the orthodontic appliances used to create your new smile be tailored specifically to your anatomy? Now they can be with a remarkable breakthrough in orthodontic treatment…Insignia. Unlike standard orthodontic appliances manufactured to treat a wide variety of patients, Insignia braces are designed specifically for you. Insignia utilizes 3-D digital imaging and precision manufacturing to determine, within fractions of a millimeter, the ideal treatment to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. The doctor has the ability to visualize the end result before ever starting treatment. This means greater comfort, shorter treatment time and a radiant smile that reflects your individuality. Insignia is a fully customizable bracket system using a 3-D digital interface to visualize the end result. At Alpan Orthodontics our focus is to accomplish your goals in the least amount of time, with the least discomfort while creating the most incredible smile for you in a fun atmosphere.

Insignia-Female-8Insignia offers a interactive 3D software with a custom appliance system designed to give every patient a truly customized smile. It’s a precise, start-to-finish process delivering maximum clinical and practice efficiency. We are strong supporters of the Damon™ System, which has been integrated into the Insignia software allowing us to incorporate all the benefits of the Damon system to your treatment plan. We get to see a virtual 3D model of your ideal finish and how your teeth relate (occlusion). The software allows us to adjust the teeth and bite relationship prior to ever starting your treatment. This process is so accurate, we have found it to reduce treatment time and reduce the number of visits to the office. All our patients tell us how much they love to finish early, so that is our goal.

Insignia-Banner edit-1024x388If you are looking for the most advanced technology in orthodontics this is it. Insignia integrates seamlessly with our Lythos scanner allowing for fast accurate digital scans of the teeth to be used to manufacture the insignia/Damon system. We are proud to offer this cutting edge fully customizable appliance system. With the world of orthodontics moving into the digital age, these new innovations are helping to change patients lives daily. Contact us if you have any questions about the amazing improvements Lythos & Insignia can do for you.

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