Dr. Jack Alpan Practiced From 1965-1996 in Los Angeles California


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Do not do unto another what you would not have another do unto you. Spiritual purpose: Create a Safe Space. Always inform before performing. Educate everyone how to prevent dental & all other degenerative diseases. Educate everyone to be sovereign – one who assumes full responsibility for one’s condition & learns how to improve it. Seek truth & teach truth to all who seek it. Acknowledge ignorance & strive to learn more. Dream things that never were & say, “Why not?”

“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


Dr. Jack Alpan was born in Levocha, Czechoslovakia, November 9, 1938 on Krystal Nacht. He arrived on Ellis Island, New York City on July 4, 1939. During grades 1-8 at Yeshiva of Centra Queens, Dr. Alpan Learned how to read & write Hebrew. In 1953, he moved to California where he attended San Jose High School. It was here that he learned how to read & write Spanish and then received a scholarship to attend San Jose State College.

In 1962, while attending dental school, Dr. Alpan began dating Jaffa Jenny Woolfe. They married on September 5, 1965. Jenny has a Marriage and Family Counselor (MFC) degree and a DD degree from UCLA where she was a straight A student. She also earned an AA degree in Business Administration and was on the Dean’s List as an honor student while Dr. Jack was enlisted at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base. Jenny administered Dr. Jack’s dental practice from 1967 to 1997, when he retired from dentistry.

Dr. Jack and Jenny’s first child, Wendy Gale was born on Jenny’s birthday, June 7, 1970. Wendy graduated summa cum laude with an AA Degree in Liberal Arts at Los Angeles Community College. Wendy is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), earning her degree from Claighton College of Natural Healing. Wendy married Joey Camen on August 11, 2002.

Dr. David Alpan was born on January 24, 1974. David is an Orthodontic Specialist (DDS, MSD) with two private practices – Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. David graduated valedictorian from high school & salutatorian from dental school. He has taught thousands of dentists and orthodontists in the United States and Canada how to use invisalign (removable, clear plastic aligners) to move teeth without braces in their practices. He is an Elite Premiere Invisalign Provider and among the Top 100 Invisalign Providers worldwide since 2002.

Dr. Jack Alpan lived a full and beautiful life and encouraged those around him to do the same. He is the author of two books, The Tune-Up Manual for Humans and The Hidden Code to the US Constitution. Through his practice and his books, Dr. Alpan has helped thousands of people to maximize their health and become sovereign citizens.


1960 Learned Dental Laboratory Procedures from Henry Alpan (Dentist from 1919-39 in Czechoslovakia).

1961-1965 Learned General Dentistry; received Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Received Dental License from Board of Dental Examiners and Certificate for passing the National Board of Dental Examiners test.

1965 Learned to be a U. S. Naval Officer at Annapolis Naval Academy in Baltimore, MD. Also received Marine Corps training at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base for orders to serve in Viet Nam.

1968-1974 Learned Volitional Science from Andrew J. Galambos at the Free Enterprise Institute.

1970-1975 Learned Nutritional Science from Emanuel Cheraskin, DDS and MD.

1972-1974 Learned how to Balance Body Chemistry from Melvin Page, DDS.

1973-1976 Learned TMJ Therapy from Bernard Jankelson, DDS.

1974-1977 Learned Orthodontics from Jack Donovan, DDS, MSD, PhD.

1976 Learned Cranial Osteopathy from Viola Fryman, DO.

1977 Learned Trigger Point Therapy from Janet Travel, MD, (President Jack Kennedy’s physician)

1979 Learned Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) & the benefits of a mercury-free general dentistry practice from Peter Madill, MD.

1996 Learned from George Meinig, DDS, the benefits of a root canal-free dental practice.

1965–1997 Took 100-300 hours of postgraduate courses every year besides those listed above. Still learning.


1960-1997 Worked in the field of dentistry.

1965 Commissioned Lieutenant in U. S. Navy Dental Corps.

1965-1967 Worked as general dentist on Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA, & received Honorable Discharge in 1969.

1970-1997 Worked as a Holistic dentist. Taught patients coming from Canada, Europe, Asia & many of the United States how to prevent dentistry. Interviewed on radio & TV about Preventive Dentistry & Freedom issues.

1967-1992 Worked as general dentist in private practice doing Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics (1977-1997), TMJ Therapy, Nutritional Counseling to prevent dentistry (1973-97). Sold practice in 1992.

1969-2005 Traveled to Alaska, other US States, Canada, Central & South America, Caribbean Islands; Europe & Asia.

1973-1986 Balanced Body Chemistry using Page Method; did 24,000 blood, urine, saliva & hair mineral analyses on 3,000 patients. Hired medical doctor, medical lab technician & built medical lab in new office (2440 W. 3rd St.) to do analyses to determine best combinations of foods, hormones, digestive enzymes, vitamins & minerals to stop, prevent & reverse caries & bone loss. Other degenerative diseases went into remission.

1973-1997 Provided TMJ Therapy, full body massage, trigger point spray & stretch therapy & cranio-sacral therapy.

1975-2000 Lectured annually at the National Health Federation on Preventive Dentistry & Freedom issues.

1976-1977 In three months, drew floor plans for 3,000 s.f. Dental Health Center at 2440 W. 3rd St., LA. Hired subs in January; moved in April 17, 1977.

1976-1986 Wrote monthly column “Preventive Dentistry” for Let’s Live Magazine, which attracted an international clientele. Published first book based on clinical findings Human Tune-Up, Degeneration/ Regeneration.

1987-1991 Began drawing architectural plans for 10,000 sq. ft. house. Hired subs & built house in 18 months. Moved in October 1990. Diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia in April 1991.

1992-1997 Worked one day a week to support son, David, through Pepperdine University, UOP School of Dentistry & Orthodontic Specialty training. Rescinded all licenses with document filed in County Recorder’s office 1992.

1997 Published second book 18 Steps to Freedom based on 30 years research inspired by Andrew J. Galambos, author of Volitional Science, 1961. Certified by American Naturopathic Medical Association as Naturopathic Medical Doctor based on 30 years of learning, Nutritional Counseling and publication of Human Tune-Up – Degeneration/Regeneration. Retired from dentistry in December.

1998 Helped David remodel first Los Angeles location of Alpan Orthodontics in part of my former dental office.

2001–2002 After drawing floor plans for David’s LA office expansion, hired subs to remodel medical office & current office. into one 3,500 sqf. office.

2002-2005 Text editing for Alpan Orthodontics (AO) print materials & Orthodontic Treatment Planning; help create AO website; E-card. Took photos of staff; LA & BH offices for web site; advertising director for AO (create ads for telephone directories (SBC, Verizon, Yellow Book USA and more), get AO on internet – SuperPages.com, SmartPages.com and many other web sites and search engines). Help son and daughter whenever needed. Helped plan Wendy’s wedding on August 13, 2003.