Can my family dentist do Damon Braces?

Your family general dentist may have taken some additional weekend training seminars to do orthodontics. General dentists are obliged to assume professional dental care for all of their patients. They know what they are adequately skilled to do. You can trust your general dentist to do what he or she does well and refer you to a specialist for work needed beyond his or her scope of training.

Orthodontists are dentists that complete at two to three additional years of very comprehensive full-time specialized university training. They handle the simplest, as well as the most complicated orthodontic problems, which most general dentists are typically not qualified to treat.

Unfortunately some COSMETIC DENTISTS remove so much tooth structure in an attempt to improve the appearance of the teeth that the trauma kills the teeth and root canal treatment is needed to save the dead teeth. This adds more cost. Orthodontic treatment can prevent this from happening and usually costs much less.

One of the great advantages of the Damon System is that Dr. Alpan can straighten teeth and improve the smile for many patients without removing (extracting) any teeth.