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Los Angeles Orthodontist: Try Our Lingual Braces Quiz

smile2Have you ever heard of lingual braces? These are brackets and wires placed on the back, or tongue facing, side of your teeth. This provides inconspicuous smile correction. At Alpan Orthodontics, we provide Incognito hidden braces, a popular lingual orthodontic system. In today’s blog, your Los Angeles orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, uses a fun and informative quiz to explain how lingual braces can transform your smile while remaining hidden from view.

Lingual Braces Quiz

1. True or False: The cost of lingual braces depends on the extent of treatment.

2. True or False: Dr. Alpan provides a free consultation.

3. True or False: Lingual braces are custom-made.

4. True or False: The Incognito system requires less time.

Answer Key

1. True. While the costs may vary, Alpan Orthodontics offer a number of options for making the payment process easier, including in-house financing with down payment options, accepting major credit cards, layaway, and also accepting most major health plans. Talk to Dr. Alpan today about your payment options.

2. True. With the initial complimentary consultation, you Los Angeles CA orthodontist will perform a thorough oral examination. He will then decide if lingual braces are the right choice for correcting your misalignment.

3. True. The brackets and wires placed on the back of your teeth will be custom-made for comfort and accuracy. The smaller brackets and wires reduce the risk of breakage and discomfort. The lingual system also decreases the number of adjustments and appointments needed.

4. True.  In most cases, Incognito lingual braces can correct smiles sooner than traditional alternatives.

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