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Las Vegas Orthodontist: Learn About Braces with a Fun Quiz

Adult BracesOver the years, braces have earned an undeserved reputation. Recent advancements in orthodontic technology have lead to metal braces that are smaller, inconspicuous, and more comfortable. At Aesthetic Orthodontics, we offer patients the latest in dental technology to correct their smiles. In today’s blog, your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, provides a fun quiz to discuss the benefits of our orthodontic procedures.

Braces Quiz

1. True or False: Braces can correct multiple smile issues.

2. True or False: Dr. Alpan offers self-ligating braces.

3. True or False: Incognito lingual braces remain completely hidden from view.

4. True or False: Dr. Alpan offers braces for both children and adults.

Braces Quiz Answer Key

1. True. Braces can address:

  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Underbites and overbites
  • Crowding
  • Protruding upper teeth
  • Crossbite and open bite

2. True. The Damon system employs self-ligating braces, which promotes a faster and more comfortable healing time. The Damon system also uses smaller and less noticeable brackets and wires. We also offer Damon clear braces, as well.

3. True. With Incognito Hidden Braces, the braces are placed on the lingual, or tongue-facing side, of the teeth. As a result, your braces will be practically invisible. Incognito Hidden Braces are also up to 70% smaller than other lingual systems.

4. True. Whether you’re a child, teen, or an adult, Dr. Alpan will provide the necessary orthodontic work to improve the appearance of your smile. We provide care for children as young as seven in some cases.

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